According to a new market map by CB Insights, there are 197 companies in the world that can be currently identified as "unicorns" as they have earned a valuation of $1 billion and above. Of these 197, 22 new unicorns were added this year (till 26/05/17) alone signalling a good time for the Global Startup Industry. The map also highlighted that India with 4 per cent of the world's unicorns based out of its land, is ranked 3rd in countries with most unicorns.

The unicorns, which are collectively valued at a jaw-dropping $679 billion and have raised a whopping $142 billion in funding, belong to 13 verticals, which includes: E-Commerce/Marketplace, Internet Software & Services, FinTech, Social, Cybersecurity, On-Demand, Big Data, Healthcare, Media, Hardware, Mobile Software & Services, Real Estate and Other. The other category includes companies functioning within AR/VR, ed tech, and aerospace categories, among others.

Top 3 Sectors For Unicorns

According to CB Insights' map, the top three most crowded markets for unicorns are: e-commerce (17 per cent), internet software & services (14 per cent) and fintech (11 per cent).

The most valuable company in the e-commerce/marketplace category is Airbnb ($29B), while Infor and Dropbox are the two most valuable companies operating in internet software & services, worth $10B and $9.4B, respectively. China’s ($18.5B) is the most valuable private fintech company, followed by Stripe ($9.2B).

Having 54 per cent of the world's unicorn based out of its land, United States acquires the number one rank on the list of countries with most unicorns. It is followed by China for the second spot with 23 per cent of the world's unicorns. India shares the third spot with the United Kingdom with each having 4 per cent share out of the total 197 unicorns. Germany and South Korea with 2 per cent each take the fourth spot. The map also highlights the fact that no other country in the world except the ones mentioned above have three or more private companies with a valuation of at least $1 billion.

According to map, the world's Top 5 Global Unicorns are:

1. Uber- With a valuation of $68 billion, the US-based ride-hailing superpower acquires the number one spot. The company, which is currently locked in a leadership battle with homegrown Olacabs in India is the most valuable private company in the world.

2. Didi Chuxing- With a valuation of $50 billion, China's ride-hailing startup Didi, which rose to worldwide fame last year for driving out ride-hailing superpower Uber from its country, became Asia's most valuable startup this year in April when it raised more than $5.5 billion from investors, scoring the single largest round of funding on record to bankroll an expansion beyond China and into driver-less technology.

3. Xiaomi- With a valuation of $46 billion, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi occupies the number third spot on the Top 5 Unicorns list.

4. Airbnb- With a valuation of $29 billion, the app and website that connects people seeking lodging with renters who have listed their personal houses, apartments, guest rooms, etc., on either platform, appears fourth on the list.

5. Palantir Technologies- With a valuation of $20 billion, the Silicon Valley-based data company co-founded by billionaire investor Peter Thiel, acquires the fifth place on the list. The startup has earned an almost mythical reputation for its work building tools for the U.S. intelligence community.

Time to Welcome The ‘Decacorns’

For the uninitiated, a decacorn is a company with a valuation of at least $10 billion. Currently, there are fifteen private companies in the world that (7.6% of the global unicorns) can be identified as decacorns and have a valuation of at least $10 billion. Currently, India's homegrown e-commerce giant Flipkart with a valuation of $10 billion is the only Indian startup in the top 15 decacorns list.

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