Tech giant Google hasn't only gifted the world with some cutting edge technology that has changed the way we live today, but it has also been a launchpad of talent for so many of its ex-employees who have left the organisation to become entrepreneurs and are now owners of multimillion dollar companies of their own. Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, FriendFeed etc. are some of the examples of numerous success stories that were born out of ex-Googlers. And now, two more ex-Googlers are trying to join this esteemed list.

Laszlo Bock, who was until a year ago head of human resources at Google announced to the world on Monday that he has decided to take the entrepreneurship plunge and has already started working on his company, Humu, a startup that plans on using science and machine learning to improve our jobs. He's joined in the cause by Google’s ex-director of engineering Wayne Crosby.

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While it hasn't been confirmed yet, but it has been highly speculated that Bock has named Humu most likely after the Hawaii state fish Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. The startup could be seen as an extension of Bock’s book Work Rules! and his experience from contributing towards shaping the work culture at tech giant Google.

While promoting his book during an interview in 2015, Bock had shared that over the years he had learned a lot about what makes work more productive and meaningful for people. He also said that this particular topic has specifically been one of the top priorities at Google. And now, one can hope that Bock is going to employ all that he had learned theoretically into practice with Humu.

Bock is aware that there have been a sea of people in the past who have tried their hand at what they're trying to achieve with Humu, but he insists that what makes them stand apart from all these establishments is the fact that they're taking a whole different approach to the matter by leveraging the power of science and machine learning. Though not much information has been provided yet about how Humu is exactly going to work or when will it launch, but in a recent LinkedIn post Bock gave the world a little hint of what he's trying to achieve. He wrote that there should be a way to ensure that employees always have good days at work, and not one where people see it just as a job: “We should be constantly learning and growing, and surrounded by people who are doing the same. We all have good days and bad days, but what would work be like if every day were like our best days? Imagine what we could achieve.”

While Humu does sound fascinating on the paper, let's see if Bock and Crosby are able to deliver what they're trying to achieve with Humu.

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