Flipkart, which is one of India's most successful startup till date, is all set to ring in its 10th birthday. And, the ecommerce giant has found a very special way to share this joyous occasion with its employees who have made Flipkart what it is today. The company is currently running an internal competition among its employees whose winner will get a chance to become the company's CEO for a day.

According to Flipkart, not only is this a drill to make everyone employed a part of the 10th anniversary celebration but it is also an exercise that will help them in making their employees familiarise with the various challenges at different levels of the company.

In order to be the CEO for a day, interested employees have to fill up a form explaining in detail about why they think they would make a good CEO for the organisation. The person who puts the best answer forward gets to walk away with the prize of being the ecommerce giant's acting-CEO-for-a-day. Not only will the winner literally get to be in Flipkart's actual CEO, Kalyan Krishnamurthy's seat but he/she will also get to take decisions like an actual CEO takes on any regular day.

"As CEO you get to attend all the meetings Kalyan would, take decisions on his behalf, even send emails to the entire org! In other words, you get to be Kalyan for an entire day," said the company in an email it sent to its employees explaining the whole competition.

With the unique competition, the company is hoping to bridge whatever small gaps that might exist between the top management and the lower rung employees of the organisation. So far, more than 150 applicants have already submitted their applications for the competition. According to company insiders, the Bengaluru-based company is looking to drive several employee engagement initiatives as the Indian ecommerce competition becomes fiercer by the day and the pressure to turn upwards the profitability table intensifies.

All the applications received for the competition will be duly validated by a panel and then given to the Flipkart CEO, who will then choose his pick.

Since a mid-level or low level employee who doesn't get to interact with the CEO on a daily basis often wonders how does the CEO contribute towards the organisation's success, this will be a great opportunity for them to see and understand all the challenges as well as the perks that comes with the position.

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