Within a few days after a Chennai startup launches food serving robot, an another Chennai based startup -- Express Avenue, as the destination shopping mall of India has launched "EA BOT" - a mall greeter Robot which will engage and guide the customers in various ways. The grand Inauguration and launch event of “EA BOT” happened today at the Central Atrium of the mall in the midst of invited Guests, Celebrities and Visitors of Express Avenue.

Being a Pioneer is not new for Express Avenue mall. Proving it once again, Express Avenue is now the India’s first shopping mall to feature a Robot. With the launch of “EA BOT”, Express Avenue has taken the first step towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Assistance in helping and guiding the visitors and mall guests. Youngsters and children are very much excited about the featured robot and enthusiastic about clicking selfies with EA BOT.

The Launch and Inauguration event witnessed Mr. Bharat Joshi - Deputy High Commissioner, British High Commission, Chennai, Mr. Jon Bonnar - Australian Deputy Consul-General for South India, Ms. Saroj Goenka - Chairperson, Express Infrastructure Private Limited and Ms. Kavita Singhania - Managing Director, Express Avenue & Express Infrastructure Private Limited along with the other Diplomats, Celebrities, Corporate Heads and Socialites.

EA BOT is a 5 feet tall Robot with a 22 inches screen monitor which will help the mall guests with Mall Guide, Store Locators, Directions to the store, Deals and offers of the Day, Navigation - Guidance, Live updates and Human interactions. This 85 Kgs weigh robot will roam around the Central Atrium of Express Avenue mall. It will greet the mall visitors and guests who go near it by saying, “Hi I am EA BOT. Welcome to Express Avenue, How can I help you”. EA BOT is automatic and has a specific perimeter and travel zone.

EA Robot

Ms. Saroj Goenka, Chairperson, Express Infrastructure Private Limited said “As the world proceeds in a faster pace, there are lots of technological advancements and inventions jump in to help and sophisticate the mankind. “EA BOT” is one such initiative which will help as well as guide the visitors of Express Avenue. I hope EA BOT will be more useful for the mall guests than the excitement factor which it carries”.

Ms. Kavita Singhania, Managing Director, Express Avenue & Express Infrastructure Private Limited said “I am glad that Express Avenue is the first mall in India to feature a robot which aims to provide the future shopping experience for our visitors. “EA BOT” will be helpful for the visitors to reach out to the shop which they look for and will remain as a thrilling factor for kids and youngsters who visit the mall. Express Avenue gives key preference to convenience and sophistication of the customers and it will continue to rely on the same criterion”.

Robots are used as Mall Greeters in various countries across the world, similarly Express Avenue has pioneered this initiative in India to present a fascinating shopping experience for its customers and helps in crowd management in a bigger way.
Express Avenue invites the shoppers of the city to spare their valuable time with this new addition to their favourite mall. It will remain as a wow factor for sure and will help the customers to reach out to the category of shops or the exact shop which they look for in the mall premises. There are many more exciting factors to be unveiled throughout the summer vacation for the shoppers and the tourists who visit the mall.

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