Early stage venture fund Ideaspring Capital has invested $600,000 in Whodat. This is Ideaspring’s third investment, and the first in the Augmented Reality technology domain. The investment will be Whodat’s first institutional round of capital funding, following four years of bootstrapped and profitable growth.

“Whodat is building a proprietary hybrid SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) system to seamlessly place digital content within indoor environments without markers. Their system handles advanced features like - fast initialization, accurate ground plane estimation, real world scale estimation and re-localization.

Whodat has a great team led by Sriram and Kaushik and their vision is to solidify their SLAM approach and also provide contextual information about the scene using Deep Learning approaches and eventually productize the overall package so developers can easily create great AR experiences without any knowledge of Vision and Learning systems.” said Arihant Patni from Ideaspring Capital.

“We are super excited to partner with Ideaspring Capital and work closely with them to build a revolutionary AR company. Whodat’s AR platform will make it very easy for developers with minimal knowledge of Computer Vision and Deep Learning to develop AR experiences. Our platform uses state-of-the-art technologies while providing a simple interface for developers so they can focus on building great AR experiences. We plan to invest heavily in R&D and Product Development over the next 18 months to take our vision one step closer to reality.” said Sriram Ganesh, CEO of Whodat.

Whodat is building an inclusive, first of it’s kind technology platform. Whodat’s goal is to minimize developers’ efforts to deploy across platforms, and enables them to build engaging, unified AR experiences. “We will also be expanding our team and acquiring talent across verticals like Computer Vision and Mobile Performance Optimization. Building an R & D team with very capable Research Scientists and Software Optimization Engineers will enable us to build a state-of-the-art AR platform” said Kaushik Das, CTO of Whodat.

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