The online search giant Google will launch Google Hire, a service that allows companies to post job listings as well as accept and manage applications. Employers will be able to place ads for job listings, which job-seekers will then be able to apply for.

Hire is still under development and is targeted at customers of its Cloud-based G Suite productivity tools like Gmail, Calendar, and Docs. The company has not officially announced the launch of this service yet, but the home page of Google Hire is live for everyone to see. The sign in is not yet allowed, and will be available only after the serviced is launched officially. The home page suggests both employers and employees can sign up for the service using their Google account

The fact that the services require individuals to sign in using their Google account had raised concerns that recruiters will be able to see an applicant’s entire search history. But it was clarified by a Google spokesperson that only information that a candidate voluntarily shares would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application. No private information will be shared.

The services are designed to let employers manage their hiring process more effectively where business owners will be able to post listings for a number of roles through Google service, along with tracking applicants for those role through G-Suite.

This webpage on Google Hire site shows what job listings could look like on the service, although we can’t be sure if this is the final design. Clicking on a job shows a description of the role, followed by a series of input boxes for users to state their name along with email address, with options to upload a cover letter and resume.

With the layout and structure of the website simpler than other recruitment platforms, it is suspected that the simplification aspect will set the platform apart from its competitors like LinkedIn and Indeed.

There are talks that Google is trying to make the recruitment for SMEs easier by tracking their applicants. There are also suspects that Hire will be a free or low-cost service for small clients. It might have a simple interface as seen, where users might just long in and start to use.

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