According to technological experts the extent to which technology has been changing the way we live with tech innovations, being focused at present on improving the everyday products used by the people around the World relating to Internet of Things (IoT) as such there are the devices regarded as extremely helpful and these are termed as pretty cool. Let us know one by one these pretty cool devices:


The hardware start-up from Pune as CarIQ, has developed a plug and play device that can be used in any car and claims to collect data on a real time basis.

The data collected from various electronic systems inside a Car and displayed to the end user through an app, which is worth knowing about.

Hence, this device while displaying critical information about your vehicle on the range between the ‘headlight on’ warning, technical problems, service alerts also informs you the fuel economy produced by your Car. What’s more as you have the facility to download the entire driving data including location information, towing alerts, crash alerts, over-speeding alerts, battery health and more.

CarIQ has also added a social tangent to the device with an option of sharing statistics of your vehicle on social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and with allotting social badges for drivers and car condition as well.

In addition, it also monitors any sort of rash driving and gives you personalized tips for driving based on your driving pattern.

PRICE - Rs. 4,999 | Buy Here


Inoho, the home control system safeguards you to control most of the electronic connections in your house through an app on your smart-phone. It works irrespective of your location and performs its functions over the use of Internet.

While Inoho consists of 3 different components – a home controller which can control multiple switchboard modules, a switchboard module to convert conventional switchboard panel to a smart device panel and an Inoho app which provides users to control these devices through their smart-phone or laptop, it is completely wireless, Inoho needs no electrical rewiring or change in the interior décor whatsoever.
In other words, you can drive smoothly the lights, fan speed, lighting settings of your house, timer setting for any device through this system from Inoho.

PRICE - Rs. 19,923 | Buy Here Mother mother gives you their facility as such its own freewheel sensors called Cookies, which collect the data pertaining to any activity that you assign them to. However, the device then displays the data to the end user through the corresponding app for which the sensor been used. These apps include – Walk, Sleep, Door, Teeth, Medication, Presence, Temperature, Check, Drink, Habits and Coffee.

‘Mother’ is a World-wide monitoring solution and can be used for a range of tasks around the house with certain terms. During the process, four cookies provided with each unit can be used for – monitoring the brushing habits of a child, which keeps tracking of your walking regime on the other hand, going through with a check on anyone entering the house or tracking your sleeping cycles and can be used to keep track of your medication or your water/coffee intake as well.

If the sensor is no longer needed for a particular task, it can be reprogrammed for another purpose and used again at an additional cost, a ‘Credit Pack’ can be purchased for the device, which will alert you with regular updates for any task through text messages as such.

PRICE - $129.78 or Rs. 8,500 Approx | Buy Here

Reos Lite -- Bluetooth Enabled Bulb

Ah! It is a bulb, and it is smart enough but how? Well, for starters, it can be managed via your smart-phone on the condition that it has Bluetooth. It comes with a Reos Lite app which allows you to sync the bulb to any music that you play wherein the bulb will change its lighting as per the song’s rhythm, which is amazing to know. Isn’t it?

This app has several pre-set modes to choose from and to set the lighting of the room as per your choice. A custom mode can be set using colour transitions from 16 Million colour options and its use as per your mood is what you need to know.

The Lite app also allows the customization of the bulb to notify of any weather alerts while the instant alert option in the app can be used to set alerts for calls, Short Message Services (SMS) and a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, and so on.

PRICE - Rs. 1,499 Approx | Buy Here

Fitbit Aria

A Wi-Fi smart scale, which helps you track your weight, lean mass, body fat percentage and BMI. On the other hand by just looking at the numbers is not that much enough to make you achieve serious fitness goals while Aria (Fitbit) works over the Wi-Fi and is synced to your Fitbit dashboard by displaying charts and graphs of your progress on and on. Aria can recognise up to eight different users and sends their statistics straight to their private Fitbit accounts.

This gives a much more realistic picture of your fitness over a long period of time, which is yet another cool gadget included here, and completes the elucidation over 5 home automation gadgets you can buy in India for smarter homes.

PRICE - Rs. 11,374 Approx | Buy Here

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