Indian mobile app based B2B E-commerce player WYDR, hires Alok Varman as their new Vice President, Operations. In the given role Alok’s principle responsibilities include ensuring further improvement of operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission. In addition to that he will also offer his support for better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning. He will be operating out of WYDR’s corporate office in Gurugram.

Prior to this, Alok worked with as Head of Operations. He played a key role in managing operating cost, improving contribution margins, planning, set up distribution network, customized solutions and dispatch management. Alok has also been associated with e-commerce giant eBay India, and thereafter, with Guthy Renker LLC and Carnation Auto India. His experience is across customer value stream from customer acquisition to customer service.

Commenting on the new development, Alok Varman, Vice President Operations, WYDR, said, “B2B purchase process tends to be rationally and logically driven as its customers look for expertise and efficiency. This matches my competency and experience. B2B ecommerce of wholesale market place is highly scalable business and this provides me an opportunity to develop the state-of-the-art frame work for smooth, cost effective, efficient transactions between manufacturers or wholesalers and retailers, and make WYDR the most reliable and robust B2B online wholesale market place”.

“Alok brings to the table a process driven approach married with inventive problem solving. His experience in handling very large shipments is highly relevant to Wydr’s need in bulk shipments. Logistics apart, Alok has a well-rounded experience in all aspects of Operations and we look forward to his contribution as we scale our business,” said Devesh Rai, Founder & CEO, Wydr while welcoming Alok.

A leader in the mobile based B2B wholesale e-commerce sphere in India, WYDR has been building a strong team since the very beginning, which has led them to achieving considerable milestones in a span of just one year. By hiring Alok Varman, they have increased their strength to streamline operations for faster growthin wholesale and retail engagement on WYDR app.

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