ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies) Fibernet, which is the third largest ISP in the wired broadband category in India after BSNL and Airtel, debuted its 1 Gbps wired broadband internet connection for the first time in the country in Hyderabad yesterday. With this, ACT Fibernet became the first local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to launch 1 Gbps wired broadband connection in the Indian subcontinent.

The 1 gigabit internet service will be rolled out in the capital city of Telangana, which is also a major IT business hub for the country. The 1 Gbps speed being offered by ACT Fibernet is the same as being made available by Google Fiber in select United States cities, and is almost 10x the speed being currently offered to Indian consumers by most Indian ISPs.

The ISP has been meticulously working over the past one year to make the launch of 1 Gbps internet connection possible. The connection will initially be launched in Hyderabad making it India's first Giga City and will then be gradually introduced in other cities of the country.

The 1 Gbps wired broadband internet connection will cost a consumer Rs. 6,900 per month, and come along with a bandwidth cap of 1TB for uploads and downloads. Though the price looks steep at first look, it is important to note here that ACT's 100Mbps plans start at Rs. 2,000 per month with a cap of 250GB, while the annual subscriptions to streaming video services Hotstar and Netflix start at Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 6000, respectively.

By launching 1 Gbps wired broadband internet connection, ACT left India's multi-vertical giant, Reliance far behind at bringing gigabit internet to the country. When the corporation launched its 4G network in the country last year, it announced about its plans to bring 1 Gbps broadband services in 100 major Indian cities.

With an average internet speed of 4.1Mbps across the country, India is currently placed at 105th position in the global ranking for broadband speeds. But with the launch of 1 Gbps wired broadband internet connection, ACT Fibernet has made India on par with very few developed nations in case of high speed internet.

With over 1.2 million customers and an estimated turnover of about Rs 1,200 crore, ACT is the largest non-telco ISP in the country. The company is planning to expand to newer cities and customer base in the next 18 months and has allocated about Rs 1,000 crore towards capital expenditure for the same.

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