Nowadays people have started paying more attention to their physique and fitness. We join gyms, yoga studios, dance classes and what not to get in shape and remain fit! But more often than not end up getting bored of doing the same thing on a regular basis and lose interest.

Fitato, a Pune based startup, brings you the solution by providing you access to 250+ Gyms & Fitness studios in the city – all through a single membership. It gives one the flexibility to workout anytime and indulges in various activities all around the city, be it near their house or their office.

They give you the flexibility to choose whatever activity you want without having to take a regular membership. You can choose to get fit with Zumba, get flexible with Yoga, learn self-defense with Martial Arts, get high on rock climbing, do laps in a pool or pump iron at the Gym of your choice all through ONE single membership.


Fitato is a combined effort of a trio of Karan, Aditya, and Pawani who have worked so hard to make Fitato reality!

Karan Murada : He started working at the age of 18 with a boutique startup consultancy where he worked with brands like Vodafone & Nissan. Since then he has been working on his dream to revolutionize the fitness industry in the country since the last two 2 years.

Aditya Srivastava: He is an Alumni of Symbiosis and worked with Reliance for a brief period before leaping to achieve his dream.

Pawani Khandelwal: A real hustler and was picked up as an intern from college but has managed to become the third co-founder and joins us in the dream, all while managing college.


After the massive success of ClassPass, a global competition in the same space, a lot of Indian startups started off in this direction, trying to implement a similar model in the Indian market. But not a lot of such startups survived.
Fitato learned from these mistakes and realized that exhausting cash is not the solution or mechanism to create a market. They then decided on a game plan that would prove to be sustainable and fit for the Indian market. Fitato is now all set to get deep into those challenges and work out a sustainable and value generating business.


Fitato is in a constant process of providing the right value to both the user & the partners and getting the model right, before ramping up expansion to other cities. A lot of aspects have been worked upon in the model such as:

  • Providing unlimited sessions to a user rather than restricting the number of times he can go to a particular facility,

  • Focusing on uplifting niche facilities rather than branded chains,

  • Optimizing their customer acquisition strategies

  • Using numerous growth hacks right from a father’s day fitness hamper to a 9,000 member Facebook group,

  • Ensuring the finances are put to right use to reach operational profitability within 3 months of their launch.


Fitato had received a seed round of $80,000 last year and has been recently selected for the FbStart program. This is an initiative by Facebook for early-stage mobile startups. It helps them build and grow their apps and gives access $40,000 worth of credits and services from Facebook and its partners.


Talwalkars, the largest gym chain in the country launched in 1932 and currently has 156 branches across the world. In just a little over a year, Fitato has 236 fitness access centers in Pune itself. They aim to be the umbrella brand for all niche facilities in the country.

If you want to start your own Yoga class on your office terrace tomorrow or any fitness class for that matter, all you have to do is register the class on Fitato and the customer & revenue inflow will begin from day 1.

On the consumer’s side, Fitato wants to have the largest array of fitness activities, providing users with ultimate flexibility through a single membership

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