Techies get lowest annual salary in India’s leading startup hub! Yes, you read it correctly, according to the Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India is one among the top 20 startup cities but techies are lowest paid with annual salary of about $8,600 in a year.  The total amount a techie gets in this city is nearly 13 times cheaper than a techie get yearly in Silicon Valley and four times cheaper than the average salary of an Asia-pacific engineer. Whereas, at the Silicon Valley, California, a software engineer gets about $1, 12,000 average salaries yearly.  Although, the city succeeds to secure its position in the list of top 20 startup hubs across the world, but its rank dropped from the 15 to 20. The other statistics revealed by this report are also impressive including 1,800-2,300 estimated number of active tech startups. The report has considered the parameters- funding, talent, performance, startup experience, and market reach for this ranking.

Startups Are Growing Rapidly

The city has plentiful success stories! Few of them are world known for securing the largest funding amount and inspiring other high-profile investors, foreign MNCs and angel investors for investing more here.  While the report also claims that startups are bursting on daily basis because it is easier to find the right technical staff at cheap cost here. The city also has the youngest tech workers among all other startup hubs and the flood of young talent is helping to drive the startup rush. However, startups face difficulties when to find quality talent and experienced talent.

In case if you want to take a glimpse of the startup ecosystem’s demographics, check out the image shared below, it is a screenshot taken from the Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Report;

Comparison with Other Startup Hubs

Out of these top 20 startup, 9 are located in North America, 6 in Europe, and 5 are based in Asia. For more information, please find a screenshot of the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report.

The report also mentioned about average annual salaries in Top 20 Global Startup Ecosystems.

  1. USA: $112K

  2. New York: $97 K

  3. London: $52K

  4. Beijing: $25k

  5. Boston: $95K

  6. Tel Aviv: $63K

  7. Berlin: $55K

  8. Shanghai: $22K

  9. Los Angeles: $84K

  10. Seattle: $100K

  11. Paris: $46K

  12. Singapore: $35K

  13. Austin: $82K

  14. Stockholm: $55K

  15. Vancouver: $55K

  16. Toronto-Waterloo: $56K

  17. Sydney: $64K

  18. Chicago: $76K

  19. Amsterdam: $45K

  20. Bengaluru: $8.6K

Moreover, the city has a bright future as the startup ecosystem is growing rapidly. However, this does not sounds good that the startup hub offers lower wages to talented staff but this trend is attracting more number of MNCs and many other big players. A number of startup accelerators are established by the big giants like Cisco, Microsoft and Qualcomm etc. to strengthen the startup scene. The companies like Uber and Amazon have established their offices in the city. All in all, everything indicates that Bangalore has a very bright future as more number of startups means more number of opportunities.

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