While Indians are still working on making electric cars on roads a mass reality, a US-based startup named Wright Electric has started working on an electric-powered plane that will be capable of taking a commercial flight in the next 10 years. According to Wright Electric, their aim is to make every short flight electric within the period of next 20 years.

Wright Electric's electric-powered plane is intended to go head to head with the smaller planes from the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families. In order to make this 150-seat passenger aircraft a reality, the startup is currently on a lookout for investors. The electric-plane will be capable of flying 300 miles.

The Allston, Massachusetts-based startup is certain that they can dramatically reduce the travel price by just removing the need for jet fuel. It's first plane is an airliner designed for flights like New York-Boston, London-Paris, and Seoul-Jeju. According to the startup's website, it is a zero-emissions electric airliner, designed to save money and our planet.

According to a spokesperson from Wright Electric, the electric plane has already caught the fancy of Easyjet, a low-cost British airline. The UK airline has reportedly held several discussions with the American startup and is providing useful insights on the development of this innovative technology, from the prospective of an airline operator.

Though the Wright One electric plane concept has garnered a lot of traction, there are still several problems and challenges that need to worked out in order to make the plane a reality.

The company is hugely dependent on battery technology to keep innovating at its current rate because otherwise, the startup will not be able to create enough power to give the aircraft the range it requires.

Y Combinator-backed Wright Electric is currently working with Chip Yates, the American inventor whose own Long-ESA electric aircraft holds the world record for fastest electric aircraft.

Wright One has been designed to have modular battery packs for a quick swap using the same cargo container that is present in a regular airplane.

Co-founded by Jeff Engler and Doug Griswold, Wright Electric is confident that it can gift the world an electric plane that is less loud than a fuel plane and make traveling significantly cheaper.

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