, an India-based online graphic design marketplace has been successful in acquiring an incredible reputation in the global graphic designing market. Founded by the dynamic brother duo, Rahul and Varun Aggarwal, Designhill has been able to rise above the pack by releasing the fact that whatever may be the product or service, all that a customer wants is a low-cost service and a high-quality product.

With over 37,000 registered designers on the platform, Designhill's customers have an option of either crowdsourcing designs or hiring freelancers on a project-to-project basis. Thus, the platform works as an efficient cost effective medium for business owners to source designs and at the same time, it provides a source of livelihood to a large number of designers in developing economies all around the world.

The crowdsourcing model allows businesses to post contests on the site where multiple designers participate and submit their designs as per the design brief. Eventually the client selects one or a few of the submitted designs as per his/her requirement. The designers are paid once the job has fully been completed and the final exchange of files has taken place. When it comes to the one to one projects model on the platform, customers can browse through designer portfolios and the design gallery showcasing the best designs and select the designer they want to hire for the project. The client and the designer negotiate the price and deliverables themselves, following which they work together. In order to make sure that the clients and designers are able to smoothly work together without thinking about the payment and work, the platform even secures the payment process. It also offers white-label services for design agencies to outsource their work.

Though a global platform, Designhill's major focus has been on businesses from US, Australia, UK and Canada. As a matter of fact, the first country that the company launched their services in was the United States. As the company's primary target market was the US, the company realised very soon in their journey that in order to compete with International companies, they would have to work to stand out of the crowd on certain criteria’s. In order to make this possible, the company had to design their entire business operations and strategy around establishing Designhill as a credible business.

[caption id="attachment_113871" align="aligncenter" width="700"]designhill_founders Rahul and Varun Aggarwal, Co-founders - DesignHill[/caption]

They started out by identifying customer support as a major pain point for customers when it came to the international companies in the design space and hence started offering 24x7 customer support. This really helped them in gaining trust and a foothold and also significantly improved their retention rates.

Secondly, they started learning how different forms of marketing worked and finally, through high quality content creation and content marketing they were able to draw the attention of credible US authors and editors and get themselves the online coverage they desired.

Thirdly, the company very early in their journey realized that the business that they are in, organic traffic is considered as the end game, hence the company decided to restructure their entire website, invested a huge amount of money and hard work on SEO and finally the website started ranking on a number high value keywords such as ‘logo design’ on top 5 Search results in (US).

Fourthly, the company has laid an extra focus on creating a satisfying experience for its customers as according to them, even now the word of mouth marketing plays a huge role.

Though Designhill does face a lot of indirect competition from Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork and direct competition from 99designs and designcrowd etc. in the over $54 Billion Graphic Design Industry, the company has been able to make an identity of its own by following the aforementioned four strategy points.

Recognized as among the top graphic design platforms globally, Designhill has been able to forge partnerships with many companies such as 1&1, MOO, Shopify, Kabbage, My Corporation, Tax Jar, Startup Nation, Capital Factory,, HostPapa. The company is also partners with ERezekiinitiative of the Malaysian Government, which is a crowdsourcing initiative to assist low income households connect with digital initiatives.

Rahul and Varun Aggarwal, the brains behind Designhill, are alumni of University of Manchester and are actively involved in the Indian startup ecosystem as members of the Indian Angel Network and Mumbai Angels.

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