Hyperloop One, the company which has been in the news for attempting to build a super-high speed pod-like vehicle, already has a tough competitor in the market. And we say so because the rival company is being spearheaded by one Brogan Bam. Brogan, who had co-founded Hyperloop One -- or Hyperloop Technologies as it was called back then -- in 2014 and worked as its chief technology officer (CTO) until recently.

BamBrogan's new venture is called Arrivo, and aims to develop "technology based on the hyperloop architecture that will deliver a truly 21st century seamless experience for passengers and freight."

The company is working on developing a new kind of transportation system that would allow people seated inside comfy capsules to hurtle along vacuum tubes at high speeds of up to whopping 760 mph. When functional, the transportation system will be able to decrease the journey time between San Francisco and Los Angeles from the current six hours in a car to just 30 minutes.

It was only last year that BamBrogan had accused Hyperloop One of an array of underhand activities and taken it to court. But now, the two parties have settled their case and Hyperloop One has given its nod to its former CTO to develop a transportation system just like the one he was developing when he was with them.

Arrivo's launch team, which comprises of an interesting mix of engineers and executives, includes three former employees of Hyperloop One who left the company along with BamBrogan. The Los Angeles-based company is planning to build a team of at least 80 by the end of this year.

The company is reportedly planning to unveil the details of its hyperloop project to the world, in the coming few months. We're sure that not only Hyperloop One, but also Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, which is also working on a similar technology, will be looking forward to the project's details. The idea for Hyperloop trains was first proposed by Elon Musk in 2013, and are being developed by several firms.

Incorporated in 2014, Hyperloop conducted the first live trial of Hyperloop technology on May 11, 2016 and demonstrated that its custom linear electric motor could propel a sled from 0 to 110 miles an hour in just over one second.

The company has raised $160 million and expects to achieve “first flight” of the complete system (with levitation, propulsion, pod vehicle, control systems and low-pressure tube) early in 2017.

Having more and more firms working on the technology will only push all the participating players to do their best and provide people with the first fully operational hyper-loop system.

On the home front, Hyperloop One is eager to come to India and begin trials for their high-speed transportation technology in the country. The company is currently seeking a nod from the Indian government for the same.

[Image: wired.com]

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