A recent report named "Virtual Experiences Can Replace Reality" published by global computer company Oracle has put forth some interesting research about the upcoming marketing trends we could see in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) startups.

The report, which involved taking a survey of approximately 800 companies in total, states that 78 per cent of companies interviewed are considering to offer virtual reality experiences to their customers by the end of year 2020.

All thanks to the advancements made in the technology sector over the years, information is now available online 24x7, and various consumer behaviour reports have shown that people want to use the World Wide Web to keep themselves informed. According to Oracle's report, about 40 per cent of the companies surveyed stated that a vast majority of their customers prefer gathering the information for themselves rather than contacting the company directly. The only time they contact the company's customer service is when they're considering purchasing the product.

According to statistics highlighted by Oracle's report, while 78 per cent of companies are wanting to make use of the power of VR for its various communication benefits, about 38 per cent of the companies have already gone ahead and integrated this comparatively new technology into their businesses.

Apart from VR, the other comparatively newer technology that is talked about in the report is chatbots. According to statistics revealed by the report, about 80 per cent of the companies surveyed are interested in making use of chatbots within a period of next 4 years so as to take their customer service to another level.

Chatbots have been garnering a lot of interest since a last couple of years. It was only last year that Deloitte Digital had organised a "Chatbot s— Get Ready for the Next Digital Revolution” event in Milan, Italy. The event saw many companies coming together and extensively discussing their innovative chatbots ideas and the various contributions they have made to business till date. The event had in attendance some of the most important members of the Italian and foreign marketing scene, including biggies like Sky and Fiat.

The Investments in the Chatbots technology has been increasing at a rapid pace, especially since the time that chatbots became integrated with Facebook's Messenger. Within just a month after Facebook's announcement, the number of active chatbots on Messenger totalled to over an impressive 35,000.

Global tech giants like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, IBM and Twitter are swiftly pacing towards the future. There's a great probability that by the year 2020, the world might be able to witness some great innovations in the field of bettering communication between companies and their customers.

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