A spotty network is what all of us dread of when doing an intricate search on the internet. Well, not anymore, and the credit for this goes to search giant Google.

Google has rolled out an update for its Android app which will make it drastically easier to search the world wide web with a spotty internet connection. The update will enable the Google app to provide users whose search fail midway due to a spotty network to get their results as soon as a connection is available, meaning they can resume the search when the connection is available once again with just a single click/tap.

Mobile networks all around the world are known to be sometimes spotty or inconsistent. This means that even if a user's mobile shows the network bars when he starts a search, there's a probability that the search might fail midway before the user even gets the results. With the new update, the search results get saved as soon as they are retrieved, even in the scenarios when the user loses the connection instantly after pressing the search button or goes into an airplane mode.

According to Shekhar Sharad, Product Manager, Google, the next time someone loses their cell service, they can easily queue up their searches, and then put away their phones and carry on normally with their day. Whenever a user queues his searches on the app during a network failure, the app will get to work behind-the-scenes to detect whenever a connection is available again and deliver the user their search results as soon as possible.

And if you’re concerned that the update will lead to increasing data charges and decreasing battery life, don't worry at all. According to Sharad, the feature will most definitely not be draining out the user's battery, and by getting streamlined search results pages, Google had made sure that the feature has minimal impacts on the user's data usage.

So, if you do a lot of your search while on commute, make sure that you have the latest version of the Google App running on your Android smartphone, and the next time you run into a spotty network, your search results will get easily retrieved whenever you hit a consistent network.

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