They say, "Spoken words can't be taken back." But, popular messaging app, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a way to let its users edit and delete sent messages.

According to information posted on WABetaInfo's Twitter channel, a popular channel for all the latest WhatsApp news and speculations, the 140 characters social networking site is currently meticulously working on a feature that will allow WhatsApp users to edit and delete their sent messages. WABetaInfo claims that it recently came across the feature in WhatsApp's beta build for Apple's iOS operating system.

It is interesting to note that this would be the first time that WhatsApp would introduce such features to its popular app since it debut in the year 2010.


While the edit option will allow a user to make changes in an already sent message, the revoke option will delete the selected sent message. In place of the deleted message, the recipient will see a text displaying, "Sender revoked the message."

WABetaInfo even tweeted a video showing the revoke process in action. As shown in the video, in order to delete a sent message, all one has to do is tap and hold on the sent message to be deleted so as to bring up a list of options. This list of options will include the “revoke” option, selecting which will delete the said message entirely from the conversation. The video also gives us a hint that the revoke option could also be applied to read messages, as WhatsApp’s blue check marks can be clearly seen in the video before the messages are deleted. Currently, WhatsApp only allow users to delete messages on their own devices while the deleted messages remain visible to the recipient of the messages.

Though currently the speculation only pertains to iOS devices, it can soon be expected to be rolled out to Android devices, too.

In addition to the revoke and edit options, WhatsApp is also testing another feature on its iPhone beta app that will allow users to preview the contents of archive files - such as a ZIP or a RAR - shared with them by another user.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp finally brought two new features - animated GIF image support, and streaming videos while they still download to its Android app. Previously, these were only available to users of WhatsApp beta.

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