It might seem hard to accept, but it has been over a decade since the term "Bluetooth" came into our lives.

Ten years ago, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) delivered on their promise of providing the world a secure wireless technology with faster speeds and longer ranges than previously ever witnessed for small and portable mobile devices. But much has changed now.Keeping in line with the changing times, the SIG has finally confirmed that the Bluetooth 5 standards have been finally been successfully adopted. It was during the beginning of the year that Bluetooth SIG had officially announced Bluetooth 5 in a formal press release.

The one thing that stands out in Bluetooth 5 is its phenomenal speed. The technology is now faster than ever with an improved range. The updated Bluetooth is twice the speed and four times the range of its predecessor, Bluetooth 4.2, with speeds of up to 2MBps. With a 8x broadcasting messaging capacity, Bluetooth 5 is capable enough to carry data/information to “low energy” devices such as smartwatches, headphones, and other Internet of Thing (IoT).


The new and improved speed of the latest Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5, enables more responsive, high-performance devices. In addition to this, the 8x increase in broadcast message size results in an increase in data being sent for much more improved and context relevant solutions. According to Bluetooth SIG, Bluetooth will continue embracing the technological advancements and keep pushing the unlimited potential that the world of IOT posses.

As for the users, not only will they get to witness an impressive improvement with device pairing and higher data transfer rates, but the updated Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5, will also ensure that it doesn't suffer from any outside interference from other wireless devices, which are making use of LTE and Wi-Fi spectrums. Bluetooth 5 will be best Bluetooth till date when it comes to avoiding congestion, and making other wireless devices work better and more efficiently no matter what is their spectrum.

Bluetooth 5 is expected to hit the world markets somewhere around summer next year. The rumour mill is already going strong with the news that the next-generation Apple iPhone will flaunt the new, improved BT5 standard. In the year 2018, the world could also witness a separate update for Bluetooth Audio.

So, 2017 seems to be turning up quite well already, Bluetooth wise at least. What say?

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