Anchanto, the leading eCommerce logistics and selling platform headquartered in Singapore announced a newly signed partnership with BGroup Logistics (BGroup), a leading international logistics provider with a strong focus in fashion, with presence in Europe, US and across eight markets in Asia namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

As part of this partnership, BGroup is implementing Anchanto’s E-commerce Fulfillment and Warehouse Management SaaS platform across its 16 warehouses spanning 12 countries in Asia, Europe and North America. From December 5, Group’s 120,000 square feet fulfillment centre in Singapore will provide the e-commerce fulfillment operations of Anchanto’s existing customers.

BGroup joins Anchanto’s Global Fulfillment Network providing B2B and e-commerce B2C fulfillment to its existing and new customers – integrating them seamlessly with Anchanto’s technology. BGroup and Anchanto will now offer Omnichannel from the same warehouse.

“We have built a best in class Enterprise Ecommerce Fulfillment SaaS platform for 3PLs and national posts by running logistics business in Singapore on our own for the last five years. Now, we enable leading global 3PL companies to build Ecommerce Fulfillment businesses by using our technology,” said Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO and Founder of Anchanto.

The partnership establishes Anchanto as a global e-commerce logistics SaaS player that is focused on the development of its e-commerce selling and logistics platform, while leaving the warehouse operations to experts like BGroup who will use Anchanto’s technology.

“This is a mutually beneficial alliance, we are expert in apparel-related logistics, serving global major brands. Anchanto is an expert in providing a best in class enterprise Saas platform for B2C e-commerce fulfillment logistics. We aim to provide quality logistics services, powered by Anchanto technology, and adding value to our customers. Using Anchanto software will enable us to provide ecommerce and B2B logistics services to our brands across all our locations”, said Gianmaria Beretti, CEO, BGroup Logistics.

Vaibhav further added, “We aim to build a global e-commerce fulfillment network by aligning ourselves with big players in the logistics industry. With BGroup, we have found a great partner who is an expert in logistics and whose expertise will help us to continuously improve our technology not only for B2C, but also for Omni-channel fulfillment.”

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