Industrial IoT (IIoT) is being pitched as the next big thing. According to experts, by the year 2020, the industry could be worth a whopping $151bn. Since the industry is still in its nascent stage, the topics that are being hotly debated right now in IIoT has the potential to shape the industry's entire future.

Here’s IndianWeb2 providing you deep insights into three main topics that are currently shaping the IIoT industry:


Security is considered as an important vertical when it comes to the implementation of Industrial IoT. A lot of debates are currently happening around if enough measures are being taken in the field of cybersecurity. The recent DDoS attack that successfully managed to take down the so-called secure sites like Twitter, Spotify, and Netflix, which was caused partly by Internet of Things devices, these debates have become hotter than ever.

The question of standardisation takes a central role here: what kind of framework needs to be developed so as to ensure the security of individuals and of organisations? The issue is that such attacks have the potential of getting by unnoticed when it comes to the industrial sector. But, according to experts, for the hackers the B2B sphere holds more value, hence it is important for the IIoT to get this particular thing right.

Data ethics

When it comes to ethics surrounding data collection and analysis, things are a little hazy. To be really truthful, it is very hazy. Though we know that most of the data being collected through the Internet of Things devices is anonymised metadata, but the crucial questions still remain unanswered : What do the businesses actually do with all the collected data and who does it belong to?

According to industry experts, there is a need to treat data ethics as an important industry-wide obligation, and fortunately, the IoT industry has an opportunity to do this right from the beginning.

There is a need to have more transparency when it comes to data being collected from individuals, and then what is being done with it to create smarter products and services. Experts suggest that each company should have an ethics panel where they can debate and guide through all the data-related issues .


The fact of the matter is, that in order for us to understand the real effects of all the technological developments happening in the IIoT, they will have to be tested for. All of the concerns of the public and business leasers around the uncertainty of what the future might look like can be easily put to rest by putting the industrial internet to the test. This is the very reason that testbeds have been playing an extremely vital role in the industry. Some of the successful IIoT testbeds examples include Telefonica’s work with Fiware to make real-time measurements of water quality in fountains and a smart airline baggage management solution developed by GE, Oracle, Infosys and M2MI so as to reduce baggage losses and damages at the airport.

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