Meet Minoca OS, a new operating system which has recently gone open source. The developers have released the entirety of the Minoca OS source code under the GNU GPLv3, and are looking forward to building a community of users and developers around this new OS.

Developed for little devices that are in need of a full-featured Operating System, Minoca OS is being marketed as a general purpose operating system that has been written completely from scratch. The OS is ideal for devices that want to conserve their storage, memory and power. Its main aim is to be modular, lean, maintainable, and extremely comparable with the current software.

As far as the app side is concerned, they have got a package manager, and an ever-increasing suite of packages like Node, Git, Ruby, Python, and Lua. Minoca is based on a powerful driver model between device drivers and the kernel. The idea here basically is that drivers can also be written in a forward compatible manner, so kernel level components can be upgraded without the need of a recompilation of all device drivers.

Minoca OS has been written by two young developers, Evan and Chris. They were promoted to come up with Minoca when they realised that it has been 25 long years since the world has seen the birth of any major operating system.

The two developers are looking to explore if this 25 years of clean slate could help them in creating something very unique and interesting in the operating systems space. They believe that the freedom to have a fresh look at the kernel-driver interface has the potential to open a number of new, powerful capabilities. The developers are currently looking into areas such as resource isolation, power management, and serviceability that are extremely crucial in today's time but weren't even in the radar two decades ago.

One can check out the source at You can also check out our repository of third party source packages here. If you want to download the latest stable binaries of Minoca OS, head straight to the download page.

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