Ad-tech venture Tabverts has raised $500,000 in seed round of funding led by Indus Ventures. Tabverts is an ad-tech venture which is creating an impact in the way we commute in cabs and also the way brands advertise currently.

Tabverts is placing 4G enabled high-end tablets behind the headrests of Uber Cabs and these tablets have some entertaining content streaming to engage the traveling passenger. On the business side, Tabverts has an online platform where any brand can come and select a pricing package from the multiple and affordable choices. Once somebody selects the package, they can upload their promotional content and pay for it online. This uploaded advertisement is received and flashes on the admin dashboard of Tabverts and henceforth the admin approves this advertisement and this advert gets broadcasted in these remotely moving tablets in a completely automated process.

Tabverts also provides real-time analytics to the advertisers by showing the advertiser the impression and views based on the trips & sessions. The company has recorded a reach of around 3 lakh passengers everyday.

Tabverts is only a three month old venture which was created and founded by the founder of Vuzelaa Group & the inventor of the path breaking technology, Eyerises - Sahil Arora. In a span of three months Sahil and his team of 12+ have successfully installed these tablets in 200+ cabs across Delhi/NCR and have on-boarded 100+ advertisers and have already started generating decent revenues.

"This new round of funding will help us in expanding our presence and has brought us a few steps closer to our aim of installing Tabverts in 5000 cabs by the end of 2016," said Sahil Arora.

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