Social media has become a way of life for a majority of us. It is where we go when we're happy, sad, bored or frustrated. It is where the lines between introverts and extroverts are blurred. It is where people from all ages, gender, religion and sexuality can voice their opinions. While social media has for sure given us a platform to pour our hearts out and share what's going in our lives with the rest of the world, unfortunately a certain percentage of social media users have crossed the line of sharing and over-sharing. The recent Kim Kardashian Paris robbery has once again sprung open the debate on online privacy and security. In order to make sure that you don't end up in the category of being an over-sharer, here's how you can find out:

1) Vacation Plans

If you have a habit of announcing your vacation plans online even before boarding that plane, it is time to change to that. You can let everyone know about your vacation once you're back by uploading the pictures of your wonderful vacation. Till then refrain from having a vacation countdown or letting people know whom you're going with, where you're going to and for how long you're going to.

2) Home address/ current location

This is a strict no-no. Sharing your home address or current location on social media is almost similar to inviting trouble by keeping the front gate of your house open. Make sure your location feature is off on all your social media accounts.

3) Your Relationship troubles

Washing your dirty linen in public is never a good idea. Human relations are complex. While one day you might be having a good day, there could be days that the boat could be a little rocky. So, it is better to refrain from sharing your relationship troubles on the Internet and providing fodder to all the gossip mongers.

4) Winning lottery tickets

Picture this, you just won a huge amount of money courtesy a lottery, and your immediate response was to share this news with everyone on your social media platform. You might feel that your good days are here, but the minute you step out to collect your lottery money you end up getting kidnapped again. Yes, this has actually happened and is not a scene out of a Bollywood movie. So, better be safe than sorry.

5) Statements that can be used against you later

Always remember what you put out on social media is going to be there forever. So, be careful before making a strong statement against someone because it can very well comeback to haunt you later. In fact, there are a number of companies that do a background check of their applicant's social media platforms before hiring them.

6) Luxurious Living

While a lot of people do it unintentionally, showing off your cash, luxurious items, cars, mansions etc. can end up being an easy research for a robber. So, evaluate your past social media platforms updates and see if you're unintentionally showing off your hard-earnings. And well, if you're doing it intentionally, well it is time to stop right away.

7) Family issues

Your family issues don't need to make the headlines of your social media newsfeed. Keep your family life as private as possible for the betterment/safety of you and your family.

8) Nude/Explicit contents of you

While all these social media platforms promise their users that they have the best privacy features at play, there are hackers that can always bypass all these privacy and security hurdle and use your private information/pictures against you. So, be very careful before sharing your nude/initiate pictures with anyone on your social media platforms.

9) Bank details

This one is easy. Posting your bank details on social media can become an easy access point for hackers to ease their way into your accounts and finally your money. So, under no circumstance should you share your bank details online.

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