Amid the hectic realities of our everyday life, we often feel tempted by the urge to take breaks from work and do something relaxing and fun. If not because of work, then we are often bumped up by the constant feeling of leading a monotonous life and this makes it more important for us to consider taking breaks in between whatsoever we are doing! In either of the situations, it becomes extremely important for us to take some time away from work for the sole purpose of winding up all the complex thoughts and burdens that we carry around all day, every day.

So what exactly do you think can be done in that half an hour break that you are planning to take from work? If you have not found out anything fun and exciting to do in your free time yet, then this post is especially meant for you. How would you react if you are told that there are utility apps specially designed for the purpose of taking a refreshing break from work? Don’t be surprised, because today we are going to introduce seven such very useful and fun apps which you can use during your break time to feel refreshed just like that!!

7 Apps for a Refreshing Break Time

YouTube TubePlay

There is literally no one out there who has not yet used YouTube for browsing through their favourite videos and music and given to the fact that YouTube is the largest video streaming website on the internet today, it comes across as no big surprise that YouTube TubePlay is also a great entertainment app which you can use during your free time for feeling refreshed. Just like YouTube, you can use the YouTube TubePlay entertainment application on your smartphone from anywhere as well as everywhere. You can search for videos, listen to music, and search for YouTube playlists, channels, and vloggers.

Use these entertainment apps and make the most of your free time by tuning into some interesting media streaming!


Another interesting app that brings a lot of time pass and fun is the VOOT app. It is a TV series app which comes with lots and lots of TV shows with the best quality print. You get to see your favourite shows whenever you want with the VOOT app. Not only has that it also had some other really interesting TV series of itself that adds furthermore fun to your work.

A break with VOOT is a break worth it that is sure to freshen up your mind and make you well enough to get back to work. So, hurry up and download the VOOT app now as your break is waiting for you to enjoy VOOT.


ShowBox is a must-have app for you, irrespective of which smartphone you are using! Yes, ShowBox is available for both Android and iOS devices and it is a great utility app which you can use in your free time for feeling refreshed instantly. Basically, ShowBox is a highly recommended entertainment application which brings to its users a very wide collection of movies and TV series. This popular entertainment app is available to all users for absolutely free of cost and it enables them to stream their favorite movies and TV shows! With the power of streaming unlimited movies and TV shows, there is hardly any chance that you are going to find it difficult to take your next refreshing break from work. Downloading ShowBox application in Android and iOS is very easy and one of the best features of this app is that it streams all media in high resolution.

Get a chance to stay updated with all that’s going on in the world of entertainment with this extremely useful entertainment app for Android and iOS smartphones. If you are feeling the need to take that much- awaited break from your monotonous day at work, opt for the ShowBox entertainment app and watch movies wherever you are!


It would not be wrong to call Netflix the father of all time- killing apps out there! It is hard to find anything that is not available at Netflix, be it old and new movies, TV shows or anything and everything even remotely related to the field of movies and television. Netflix has been around for a while now and it is already being used by millions of people all over the world. For those of you who are not yet aware of it, Netflix is the US- based multinational entertainment company and its sole purpose is to make streaming media available both online and over DVD as well. It is a paid application but there are some free Netflix alternative sites available, Yes, users can opt for Netflix DVDs by mail or go for the online streaming of their favorite movies and videos as well. Since Netflix app is available for your smartphone, you can watch your favorite movies and TV series anytime and anywhere while taking a break from work!


If in your break you want to watch something really interesting fun shows like short series including fun and entertainment then TVF is the best app for you. It has a huge number of TV series along with so many funny videos that go beyond your imagination and brings you lots and lots of entertainment.
For simple things of life, TVF produces dynamic series that gives you a space from work and makes you enjoy your break completely.

TVF is a complete entertainment package that will give you so many reasons to be happy and to laugh. It will completely utilize your time by teaching you some real aspects of life in a fun manner which is sure to bring you happiness. So, use this wonderful app on your break from work and stay entertained.


Hotstar is another great app that will entertain you and will keep you engaged through nest quality TV series, movies and latest music videos. Apart from this, it also has an amazing option for downloading the desired video so you can watch it whenever you want. Hotstar Go Solo, provides you with:-

High Definition quality videos No buffering and slow loading Downloading your favourite TV show for future purpose
All TV shows that are not available anywhere else Movies in best quality, anytime anywhere Taking a short break from your work and spending time with hotstar is seriously worth it. It will make you watch all that you want with complete freedom and independence. So have a break from your work and go solo with hotstar as it’s time to spare few moments with your own.


Music gives peace and relaxation to your heart and mind. You may get badly frustrated from your work and would be in need of something that can make you get back removing all your frustration soon. Saavn is the best source to listen to music and get peace.

At Saavn you get to hear all that you want, like songs from all eras, all singers (new and old), all movies, albums and everything else. All you need to do is to download this app and login into it, and then just go with the beats. No matter if you want to hear Kishore Kumar or Arijit Singh, if you have Saavn you can listen to them all anytime, at any place.

It also provides you with the downloading feature that allows you to download the songs for future reference. So, get connected with Saavn and stay tuned with the music.

All these apps will make your break special and will clear your freaked out mind into a productive one, once again. You will be able to enjoy your break and be happy about going back to work. So, use these entertainment apps and make the most of your free time by tuning into some interesting media streaming!
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