Witnessing the huge potential underlying in EasyPOS and its expertise in cloud based POS solutions strategically fitting its business model, Zopper acquired EasyPOS in March, this year. They empower retailers by assisting them in making informed decisions on inventory management, demand estimation, local area consumer marketing, analytics, trends and more.

Zopper has also extended EasyPOS platform into the consumer financing domain. There is a huge market for retail financing for higher ticket items at retailers outlets, who otherwise do not have easy access to finance due to limited reach of finance companies and small business size of these retailers. Zopper, through EasyPOS is solving this problem for retailers and has created a meta-aggregator financing platform for retailers.

“We have tied up with around 15 financing partners including Banks, NBFC’s, Fintech companies, Digital wallets etc. which would now be accessible to retailers to offer instant financing to their walk-in customers. This would increase the retailer business by 25-40%. We are seeing a great traction for this module with retailers. Nowadays, every business needs a reliable partner to prosper and EasyPOS aims to be every retail business’s trusted partner in helping them taking their retail business to next level,” said Neeraj Jain, Co-founder & CEO of Zopper.

EasyPOS aims to reduce daily operational cost and increase profits by increasing Sales through Consumer financing. It helps retailers track their business on the go, along with offering CRM (Customer Relation Management), billing, employee management, vendor management, expense management and loyalty programs. EasyPOS users can extract key customer insights which help them streamline their strategy and plan spends across various channels like SMS, print media, website, email, events and social media. EasyPOS offers an easy way to create and run a loyalty program for their customers.

The Cloud based Point of Sale that can be easily accessed over a browser from any device and location, also integrating electronic retailers with Zopper. Since it is business agnostic, EasyPOS can be integrated with any kind of business, ranging from a standalone salon to a large format electronic store. The system helps retailers in Selling, Managing the stores, Reporting & Growth of business.

Further commenting on the scope and future plans, Neeraj Jain, Co-founder & CEO of Zopper added, “Our aim is to establish EasyPOS as a renowned brand amongst the retailer community spread across the country. At the same time, we are also looking to make alliances with some global partners overseas as well. We will be launching EasyPOS software with local server capability which will enable customers to work offline & sync data on cloud later on.”

EasyPOS is focused on organising the Indian Retail Industry worth $100 billion, 90% of which is unorganised, by providing them with a customised solution for different verticals like Electronics, Apparel & Footwear, Food & Beverage, Spa & Salon, Car accessories, Luggage, Furniture, etc.

Also, keeping in mind the newly introduced GST law, small and medium size enterprises will now have to keep a track of transactions and input/output tax at all times. EasyPOS will soon be launching its own Mobile POS system which will be ready for GST regime.

Image : Zopper Founders (Surjendu Kuila (L) and Neeraj Jain)

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