Each year, the advancements in the tech sector reach new heights. As the year 2016 comes close to an end, we at IndianWeb2 decided to give you quick recap of five of the best new technologies that made their way into our lives in this year.

1) Lumma- Grips that combine all lights needed on the bike

If you're one of those who love cycling, irrespective of whether for health reasons or environment reasons, this product is going to help you tremendously. Haven't you ever wondered if all the other vehicles have their own source of light, why should people who cycle be deprived of this basic necessity? Lumma solves this problem and makes cycling at the crack of the dawn and the dark of the night as safe as possible.

Data has revealed that one of the major reasons for accidents involving cyclists is the lack of visibility. Lumma makes cycling safer by integrating front lights, rear lights and side lasers in each of the grips. All these lights when combined end up creating a light contour around the cyclist and his/her bike. Unlike any other conventional bike lights in the market, Lumma shows the cyclists the true width and increases their visibility from any angle. It's red and white lights makes the cyclist visible from a distance, and the laser projections (present in each grip) creates the cyclist's own lane.

Lumma has been tested in almost all serious cold conditions and guarantees its users an all-year-round usage. Tests have shown that these unbreakable, ultra-compact and rechargeable bike lights can run for 50-52 hours on a single charge.

2) Hover Camera Passport

Now, this one is for all photography lovers, who want to capture their best of moments with the best of tech and quality possible. Hover Camera Passport is Zero Zero Robotics’ first flagship product, developed under its flagship flying camera brand, Hover Camera brand.

Being hailed as the first Embedded Artificial Intelligence powered mass-consumer flying camera of its kind, Hover Camera Passport is extremely safe, portable and easy-to-use. A must-have gadget for frequent travellers, the flying camera follows its users and captures their travel moments in 4K from breathtaking perspectives.

3) ZORE - A New Generation of Gun Storage

Owning a gun is a serious responsibility, and in these times when gun violence is at its all time peak, it becomes an even greater responsibility. Zore is a cartridge-shaped lock that allows gun owners quick access to their weapons when required. Further, to make sure that the gun doesn't ends up in wrong hands, it also offers its owners with tampering alerts.

Its electro mechanical dial has been designed with a special focus to allow quick unlocking under any circumstance. In order to unlock Zore, the user just has to turn the dial a few notches back and forth according to their set PIN code, regardless of the dial's starting point and the initial dialing direction.

The product comes with an optional smartphone app that allows its users to be connected to their guns 24x7. This means, even while one's gun is stored at their house, they can receive gun-movement notifications, as well as notifications for dial movement via the app. While one can unlock their guns directly from the app, locking the gun is only possible through the mechanical lock button.

4) CRONZY Pen – Over 16-million colors in your pocket

Who doesn't need a little extra dash of colors their lives? We all do, don't we? The Cronzy pen makes this possible as it can write in over 16-million colors. Yes, 16-million colors.

From writing notes to creating colorful sketches, the Cronzy pen can help its users do all that a regular pen can, but it can do so in 16-million different colors. It's built-in "color scanner" allows one to scan any color of their preference and then re-create it in their sketchbook, diary, and canvas etc. Just point the pen at any object, whether it's a green leaf or a pink mug - and the pen's ink color will become same as that of the scanned object. It's App, which is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, allows it users to select the desired color and its shade, save frequently used and favorite scanned colors onto their device and share colors with other users.

The pen's mechanism is based on solenoid valves that are used in various other devices. Having received great response for its working prototype, the company expects to start the production and delivery very soon.

5) Ticwatch 2: The Most Interactive Smartwatch Yet

Ticwatch 2 can be easily called as the most interactive Smartwatch currently in the market. The elegant timepiece not only alerts its users about all their notifications and phone calls, but it also effectively records their workouts and provides them with the option to share them with the world. Further, the Ticwatch 2 can also help its users hail a cab when in need and even look up a restaurant when in hunger.

It's intuitive interaction, lifestyle convenience, unique Ticwear operating system and innovative design sets it apart from all the Smartwatches ever born.

Let's see if 2017 can prove to be as much as exciting for the tech sector as this year was.

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