I have always wondered, with such technology advancement that mankind has been able to achieve over the years, why hasn't making free audio calls to everyone in the world become a reality just yet. Well, the idea has finally stuck an innovative man by the name Mikeal.

According to Mikeal, he has been doing Open Source for over a decade now, but Roll Call is the first time that he has started a project like this. On the surface, Roll Call's objective is very simple. The project aims to giving everyone in the world a power to make Free Calls for Everyone in the world.

Since this technology is peer-to-peer, Mikeal assumes the project would require almost little to no infrastructure spendings. Till now, there hasn't a reliable project that has been able to accomplish this. This problem ends up getting even more complex when some important additional requirements are added.

According to Mikeal, people in countries that sanction censorship and block services should be able to access it easily and reliably. Further, third parties shouldn't be able to track users or listen to their calls. But, users should be provided the luxury of recording calls and use the recorded audio to produce new media like podcasts.

While Roll Call hasn't been able to achieve all this yet, it does do a lot of the following cool features:

  1. It offers reliable audio-only calls between multiple participants.

  2. Users can drag audio files into the call window and play into the call.

  3. It offers built-in call recording, with podcast quality recording of every participants local audio sent continuously to the recorder.

  4. It has almost no reliance on infrastructure, the app is hosted in gh-pages on GitHub.

Mikeal claims that most of the open source work that he has done so far has been on platforms and libraries for developers. But, in order for Roll Call to become successful it needs to be a product.

If you want to help him in his project, you can head to his GitHub Github.com/mikeal/roll-call.

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