The Indian Startup industry has left its Chinese counterpart far behind. According to a report by NASSCOM and Zinnov, the industry, which is still in its booming stage, now has third largest tech startup industry all around the globe.

Thanks to the current government's various startup and entrepreneurship focused initiatives, a number of people are taking the startup plunge all around the country. With the investment rising, the industry is generating employment at good pace and providing solutions in diverse areas, ranging from agriculture to healthcare.

The Start-up India initiative by the government aims at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the country, and turn it into “a nation of job creators instead of a nation of job seekers”.

The Indian startup industry boom can be best explored in the following five charts:

1) Indian start-ups are making an international mark


The Indian startup industry has finally made its presence felt in the international startup scene. As is depicted in the chart from March 2016 shows, India's famous e-commerce company Flipkart, has taken the ninth place on the Top 10 Most Valuable Start-Ups in the World list, all thanks to its 2015 valuation of a whopping $15 billion dollars.

2) The Indian subcontinent is currently the third largest tech startup location in the worldnasscom-zinnov

By moving to the third place on the list, India now outranks Israel and China, and is only behind the United Kingdom and United States. The number of startups in the country are increasing at a phenomenal rate, and with the current pace, it has been projected that by the year 2020, India might be home to more than 2,100 startups.

3) India has the Youngest Founders in the World


The Indian startup industry boosts of a relatively younger crowd than other countries. According to statistics, about three-quarters of Indian startup founders are younger than 35 years, and over a third come have an engineering background.

However, unfortunately, only 9 percent of the current entrepreneurs are women. But, according to the report, this number will see an impressive jump in the coming years as there was a high 50 percent increase in the number of female entrepreneurs between the years 2014 and 2015.

4) Two-thirds of the country's total startups are present in three cities


Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai are considered as the most favourable locations in the country to start a venture. Over a quarter of the country's startups are present in Bangalore, followed by 23% in the NCR, and nearly one in five in Mumbai.

5) Funding is also concentrated in these three urban areas

Bengaluru, NCR-Delhi, and Mumbai again top the list when its comes to funding. The cities saw a combined inflow of over $2 billion in funding in just the first half of this year.

[All Charts & Graphs via - NASSCOM/Zinnov]
[Top Image - Shutterstock]

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