No one can deny the fact that startups need recognition. Startups, being new to the market, need to tell people that they exist. Market primarily consists of potential customers, investors as well as partners. And these are vital for any business. Without marketing, you and your startup is nothing. No one knows you, so they won’t even bother to spare you a glance. Your idea may be unique and outstanding, but without marketing, that idea is completely useless. Being an entrepreneur, you need to know how to sell your products and services. To sell, people need to know about your existence. You need to attract them. To attract customers, you need marketing. Now, there are two primary forms of marketing. First is traditional marketing and the second being, digital marketing. How are you supposed to choose the best way? How are they going to help? The same is discussed below.

Traditional marketing is nothing but the old ways of promoting a company. It can be done via posters and banners. However, in today’s world, traditional marketing seems too old-fashioned. The world today has gone digital. Social media plays a vital role in almost everyone’s life. How often do you check your social media accounts on a daily basis? Two times? 20 times? 200 times? There is no denying the fact that social media indeed has become a crucial part of our life. So, in this digital world, traditional marketing cannot be given more importance than digital marketing. Digital marketing ensures that you attract almost everyone. It is also economically feasible. Now, digital marketing can be done in various ways. Majorly, companies depend on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are flooded with different kind of enterprises trying to promote their products.

Digital Marketing helps build awareness amongst the general public about you. The digital world even helps you to target particular crowd. This way you can ensure that you are reaching out to the right audience. You can come up with creative ways to promote your company. Few major areas in digital marketing are:

1. Social Media Marketing.
2. Content Marketing.
3. E-mail Marketing.

Now, it is up to you that how you want to go about this digital marketing. Marketing calls for uniqueness and creativity. Every company and firm out there use digital marketing. Therefore, it’s obvious that customers will get confused. Choosing one amongst so many is undoubtedly difficult. You, therefore need to understand that digital marketing is important. But to stand out, you need to be creative.

Content remains the king of all. Interaction with customers and attracting them is majorly done via content. Your content should be realistic and should be easy to read. Good content will get you customers for sure. But good content doesn’t mean flowery language, nor does it mean sophisticated language. It should be a balance of both. It should not be boring yet at the same time; it should be informative. Try and avoid complicated words. Concise and engaging content is what you need. Never promote yourself directly. Try and ensure that your product gets publicised but indirectly. Be creative.

Next, when you try and promote your website on any social media platform, make sure that it contains something which is useful and worth checking out. Your website should not be full of content but other things also. Say, try and give a short description of what you do and how you do it. Try arranging interactive sessions. Connect with your audience. Take their feedback in a positive spirit. You can even try and organize some contests or similar things. Rewards can be given out. You can have webinars, or you can come up with your Newsletters. You can also have blogs and create topic lists. In short, your website should be capable enough of engaging people.

Do not forget that social media is full of companies like you. To stand out amongst them, be innovative. Experiment and avoid negative publicity. Research well. Understand your audience and try and quench their thirst by solving their queries. Even acknowledging their comments can be beneficial. Try investing. You can create ads or sponsor your page and tweets. LinkedIn can also be used to connect with influential people.

Remember to be consistent as well as frequent. Wherever you are promoting your company, make sure you do it regularly. This will help you keep tabs on your improvement, and your business will usually be encouraged. Maintain records and create a timetable. This will ensure that you are promoting your page in a consistent speed. Frequency is also required. When people see your company, again and again, it will increase their curiosity. Have your media team. A team full of content writers, content managers, editors, promoters, analysers and marketing managers.

Marketing is like science. Digital marketing is like complex science. You need to experiment things and see how those things work out for you and your company. In the end, digital marketing can help your startup to grow in different aspects. With recognition, it gives you customers as well as investors. It is one of the cheapest ways to promote your company and amongst the right people. You can do wonders if you are innovative as well as creative.

This article has been contributed by Pulkit Jain, founder of LegalRaasta – an online portal for Company Registration, LLP Registration, income tax return and tds return.

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