If you have been using your wireless router for a couple of years, maybe you should consider upgrading it. Some of you may ask - Why should I replace something that works? Well, although your old wireless router may still work properly, the new one will work much, much better.

Why should you replace the old router?

If your router works properly, chances are that you will not even think about getting a new one. This is the reason why most users still have routers that operate on older wireless standards.

We understand that you are completely happy with your current wireless connection, but that is maybe because you are used to it. If you knew that you can have better internet speeds, better coverage and a much more stable performance you won’t think much about the upgrade. So, in case you plan to upgrade your computer or other equipment, think about replacing the router as well. Basically, all your wireless devices communicate with each other through this device so better connection coverage and speed are always welcome.

To be more precise, newer routers work with newer standards. This means the speeds are higher and the interference is much lower. You can be sure that if the router you use is obsolete, you are not getting the maximum out of your tablets, game consoles, and smartphones and so on.

Wireless Standards – Finding the Ones Supported by Your Router

If we have grabbed your attention, it is time to check the standards supported by your router. You can do this in several different ways but the simplest would be to check the router itself. Chances are that the supported standards are printed on the bottom of the router or maybe on the router package box. According to this site another way would be to Google the router model number and check its specifications or login to the router settings using and checking the supported standards in the router settings page.

For your information, when checking the supported standards you should look for something like

  • 802.11ac – newest and best at the moment

  • 802.11n – not so new, but still OK

  • 802.11g – begging for an upgrade

The best option would be to see "802.11ac" printed on your router. If you see “802.11n”, you can still use your router. This is definitely not the best option, but it can do the job. However, if you see -”802.11g” it is really necessary to upgrade your wireless router.

Generally speaking, there are great chances that your router supports 802.11n standards, since recently distributed routers mainly support the latest standard - 802.11ac.

Also, the good news is, if you have an up-to-date router supporting the 802.11ac standard, you will still be able to use older devices with it.On the other hand, if things are the opposite, you have a router which supports old standards, and you have wireless devices supporting 802.11ac, then things are not so ideal. It’s definitely time for upgrade.

Just like you can see the standards printed on the router, you can also check which standards your devices support if you want.

We have to mention that we don’t force you to upgrade (replace) your router or other devices every time a new standard appears. However, we want to let you know how important your router is and just like other components of your network, it also needs to be upgraded from time to time. With it you can be sure you are getting maximum from all the latest wireless devices you use.

Finally, replacing the wireless routers to support the latest network standards is definitely something that won’t cost too much, and at the same time the impact of this upgrade will be more than visible.

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