NewsDistill, a Hyderabad-based news aggregator app has raised $100,000 seed fund from noted investors and technology leaders who include Mr. Narasimhan Ganesh, Senior Director,, Mr. Ramana Thumu, Vice President – eBay, and Mr. Sudhir Mallem - Uber. NewsDistill is likely to raise another $100,000 from other investors in the next couple of months.

Launched in 2015, NewsDistill aggregates news sourced from various Indian newspapers, television channels, RSS Feeds, custom feeds and social media in eight major Indian languages besides English. The news is presented through innovative algorithms to the user through rich user interface application.

Commenting on the funds raised, Mr. Narasimha Reddy, Founder, NewsDistill, said, “There is a huge demand for personalized news feed on mobile apps especially for those who wish to spend quality time reading similar news from various media channels through multiple languages and quick filters.

NewsDistill is embarking upon expansion and product development to meet the demand. The current round of investment will be used towards product development and talent aquisition. Our short vision is to become the top news aggregator in India in the next few months”

NewsDistill has recently upgraded its product features by adding world’s first personalized ‘newsplayer’ that auto-reads news on the mobile for the reader. NewsDistill has also introduced patented robotic voice besides working on creating hyper-local filters to keep the user connected to his neighbourhood always.

Mr. Ramana Thumu, Investor said, "NewsDistill has put together an awesome team in a very short period of time and is positioned well to disrupt the news aggregation space through data and technology. The product looks super simple and rapidly evolving to personalize and make it attractive, especially for younger audiences"

Mr. Narasimhan Ganesh, investor said, "NewsDistill came up with innovative way of news presentation. Topic based grouping and rich personalization in regional languages from NewsDistill can rule the news aggregation space in India."

Mr. Sudhir Mallem, investor said, "I really like NewsDistill's personalization and aggregated content. When I'm on train commuting to work, NewsDistill is my friend. I spend time catching up on India news both at National and regional level so it keeps me abreast of the latest news."

NewsDistill is co-founded by Mr. Narasimha Reddy, an engineering graduate from JNTU who had earlier worked with top notch tech brands such as Yahoo, LinkedIn and Mr. Bhaskar Reddy, an aeronautical engineer. NewsDistill is easy to operate and integrates more than 30 unique features. It is currently available on Andriod and also web platform.

Currently NewsDistill is generating 50+ million page views per month and aiming to reach 130+ million page views by end of November 2016. Around 19-20 minutes is the average daily user engagement time. About 60 per cent of the users are in the age group 25-34, and 27 per cent are in the 35-44 age group.

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