A Mumbai-based startup named Boltt is gearing to take the fitness world by storm with its diverse fitness ecosystem of smart bands, smart shoes, and custom wireless headphones. And, according to them, this is just the beginning.

The 'smart shoes' or the 'smart sneakers', that they showcased at Techcrunch's TechDisrupt event in San Francisco, will be launched alongside a virtual AI coach who gives runners real-time feedback to improve their running and fitness.

The idea of Boltt first struck its co-founders - Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore, some 19 months ago, while they were promoting their Globallite footwear brand. During his training period, Arnav felt that the main reason he wasn't being able to achieve his fitness goals was because of the difficulty he was facing in tracking all his records and make good use of it. That's when he and Aayushi thought of capturing the data in an intuitive way, and with this Boltt came to life.

The startup not only has a diverse fitness ecosystem consisting of highly innovative smart bands, smart shoes, and custom headphones, it also has designs on how to create a smooth connection between all its wearables and provide mankind with data that is not only helpful for fitness, but can also contribute towards nutrition and living an overall healthy life.

Boltt's smart shoes, a range of smart bands, shoe pod sensor and wireless headsets were recently unveiled at the Tech Disrupt event in the Silicon Valley.

According to the startup, its latest unveils are capable of scientifically improving running, tracking and further fitness levels, which would ultimately help the consumer in seeing their health in a whole new light.

The products are an impressive concoction of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Health Coach and various advanced fitness wearables. According to Boltt, they represent a ‘connected fitness’ solution, that can dramatically increase the quality of life of its users.

In order to provide its customers with the best, Boltt has joined hands with world wearable sensors pioneer Garmin. The pre-order for the products is slated to start in October, following which the company will commercially launch the wearables through its strategic offline experience centers and a host of its trusted e-commerce partners a month later in November.


Boltt has planned to launch the wearables, in batches, through primary sale channels in 13 countries for now.

Boltt is looking to cater to the white space currently present in the wearables domain, with its wide range of products and solution. The startup's meticulous Artificial Intelligence reinventing successfully complements the software part of the fitness gadgets space.

The Boltt Training app that works in tandem with its smart shoe, is one such example. The app, with its hundreds of scientifically designed training and workout plans, helps a user in running and working out more efficiently and achieve their goals faster.

While currently focusing only on fitness and training, the startup sees a huge potential in the healthcare sector and wishes to automate the AI there as well, sometime in the near future.

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