Technology has completely revamped the way the world of news functions nowadays. With the Internet in our hands, on our smartphones, our tabs, the print medium has taken a major hit. Seeing this, the newspapers decided to make a move into the online medium as well, but the profitability that came with a paying newspaper readership has now become a thing of the past.

More and more people are now preferring mobile news over physical newspapers. Seeing the readers making the switch, the advertisers are even switching to Google adverts for cheaper options. It won't be wrong to say, that the newspapers might be looking towards a path of extinction in the coming few years. But RAMS Creative Technologies, a small tech start-up based out of Jaipur, has something up its alley which could help in bringing them back into action.

The startup has conceived YeppAR, an augmented reality application with an aim of changing newspapers forever. Viewing a newspaper through the app instantly brings the story to life. All the related news stories pops off the page giving the user the option to browse through them. The app ends up solving the limited space problem with the print medium. Not only this, YeppAR also allows the user to link to stories a media organisation has produced after the actual issue has gone to print. This particular function can prove to be of great relevance for media organisations having both online and print platforms. These organisations can leverage their up-to-dats online news pieces to keep fuelling their print business, while consequently also driving-in traffic to their websites through their magazines and newspapers.

While many people read newspapers everyday, but in order to do more research or get more current information on the matter, they are forced to access television or the internet. Hence, in order to get a complete picture of an issue, one has to go through a number of mediums. YeppAR puts an end to all this and brings everything under one single umbrella.

How YeppAR works?

Whenever a document linked with YeppAR is viewed through the app, it comes alive on the user's smartphone. This can be through 3D visuals, more images, videos, and more information about the content of the document. The app basically ends up enhancing the know-how about any incident or event that’s printed in the newspaper with the app enabled logo.

YeppAR for Newspapers


Along with retaining the readership of the newspapers, YeppAR can end up winning and bringing back advertisers interest into newspapers. The app ends up wholly revamping the dry and static print ads and makes them more interesting and engaging. For example, with the app, a simple print ad of a movie ends up becoming a playable trailer of that particular movie. Not only this, the ad can also be linked to a ticket booking site, which would give newspapers a chance to generate money from both movie makers as well as the ticket booking websites.

The startup has recently partnered with Jaipur edition of Dainik Bhaskar, a Hindi news daily, for pilot of what AR can do to print content.

YeppAR for Restaurants

Restaurants can incorporate the augmented reality app in their menus in order to make the experience better for its diners. Using YeppAR, an ordinary looking food menu can be used by the restaurant to give out information like 3D images of the dish, serving portions, ingredients, accompaniments, videos of the dish being made and reviews of previous diners. All this can help the diners make their choice faster.

According to Rahul Mangal and Ankush Sharma, the Founder and the CEO of YeppAr app respectively, technology is the only solution to elate the experience of the customers and make them more aware about each cuisine on the menu. The app has already collaborated with a number of renowned restaurants in Jaipur.

While currently only dealing with newspapers and restaurants, the app does have plans to cover more industries like, education, health, retail etc. in the near future. Their mission is to instill in people the habit of scanning anything for information, the way they type and search on Google.

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