Singapore-based Venture Builder and Start-up Studio, IdeaWaveLabs Pte. Ltd. (IWL) has recently picked up a significant minority equity stake in the Mumbai headquartered, ‘Ruchita Rambles Pvt. Ltd.’ owner of the brand, ‘First Moms Club (FMC)’.

The company, which was started by Ruchita Dar Shah 5 years ago as a personal project, has quickly grown into a community of over 50,000 young moms across 45 countries, on Facebook, and has recently launched its mobile app beta, which has 5,000 downloads from within the community and is now set to be offered to Indian mothers all over the world.

IWL wanted to help accelerate Ruchita's mission of providing 1 million Indian women with a voice within the next 3 years. According to Chris George, Country Representative for IWL, the company will work with Ruchita to grow FMC into the largest network of Indian mothers, no matter where they are in the world. FMC is planning to use IWL’s investment to expand its Tech capability and scale up the business.

Ruchita started FMC with the belief that there is more to a woman's life than just being a mother – she is also a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a wife, a professional, and a boss. Most young women unrealistically strive for success in every aspect of their life, and this can lead to an unhappy motherhood journey, which could in turn affect the happiness of their children. Unfortunately, in our tech-savvy world, new mothers also have access to a large amount of online literature that tells them what they should or should not do. In an attempt to take in and execute all this knowledge, women generally end up trying to be the perfect mother. But in all honesty, no such thing exists.

On the Facebook group and their newly launched mobile application, mothers have a chance to draw from each others' experiences, and seek advice and help when they need it. From discussing the best baby products to how to react when a child acts up and where to vacation with little ones, the app allows mothers to interact with other women who are going through the same everyday experiences as them, allowing them to do so anonymously if they choose.

IWL invests between $25,000 to $100,000 in Cash and other resources to seed fund the Ventures and Co-Build them. By choosing FMC, IWL has made an incredibly smart investment for their first ever announcement in the Indian market. Every year, IWL looks for 3 innovative and enterprising ideas to invest in and build by using the internet in a number of unique ways.

IWL works with a highly selective list of enterpreneurs in the Indian and Russian speaking markets.

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