It was only recently that tech giant Google had announced about the launch of its much awaited modular Project Ara phones next year, in 2017. But, now according to a shocking latest update, Google has decided to shelve the project altogether.

While the announcement did come as a surprise, it is no hidden fact that the project had been facing some hurdles since its announcement back in the year 2013 by Google's Motorola division.

Google had invested a lot of time and resources in developing the concept since the project's announcement, giving the awaiting people sleepless nights. People were initially promised a commercial launch date of 2015, which then got pushed to 2016, and then to 2017.

The fact that one could land themselves a handset with pick-and-choose parts feature, had made people interested in the project ever since its announcement. Google's main idea behind the project was to make an entirely modular device, meaning one in which the user could separately select almost all the components and build themselves their own unique phones reflecting their personality and needs.

The axed Project Ara was part of one of the flagship efforts of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, which aims to develop new devices. In 2015, the tech giant had decided to drop its plan to sell the modular phone with Latin American carriers in the Puerto Rico region.

With all the delay happening, Google's Project Ara had undergone several significant design changes. The final product was to be a little less modular as initially projected. Instead of having fully replaceable components -- like a CPU that one could swap out for an upgraded one whenever they needed -- the tech giant went ahead with an Ara version that had many of the key components directly built into the frame. This meant, parts like battery, CPU, GPU and antennas could now only be supplemented with modular chips, instead of the previous plans of replacing them with upgraded ones.

According to industry insiders, Google is meticulously trying to streamline many of its ongoing hardware projects, and Google's Project Ara was a victim of the company's this plan.

While it is an end of the road for Google and Project Ara's relationship, all isn't over for Ara yet. According to experts, Google can still license Project Ara's technology to any other firm interested in building the project from where it left.

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