Tech giant Google seemed to have set its eyes on India. After joining hands with the Indian railways for helping in connecting millions of Indian train travellers to the world wide web through its Wi-Fi project, Google is now gearing to help Indians save some money. It plans to do the same by launching a brand new website called Bharat Saves.

The Bharat Saves website will enlighten the Indian population on how they can save their hard earned money by providing them financial planning knowledge and easy but effective finance tips.

According to the sources, Google has already got in touch with the Modi government regarding the project, and the government has apparently accepted the proposal but has not given it its go ahead yet.

Reportedly, tech giant plans to make the Bharat Saves website a part of the government's much-ambitious financial inclusion scheme Jan Dhan Yojana, which was launched by the Indian Prime Minister himself in the year 2014. Since its launch, the scheme has been successful in opening new bank accounts for an impressive 24 crore Indians.

Google will reportedly launch Bharat Saves both in the form of a website and an application. A user will be able to access the service by logging in into either of the two platforms. The next stop involves going through the given financial literacy modules and taking a financial literacy test authenticated by the Indian government. Once this is done, the user is taken to a new page where they would be able to see, compare and even purchase financial plans.

Recent years have seen a very unique relationship building between the technology world and the financial world. And, thankfully, the goodies have also managed to reach the Indian population. One of the most famous examples of this relationship that is gripping the lives of millennials in India is PayTM, an app that allows people to make payments and money transfer right through their mobile phones. In fact, the West is currently working on making Cardless ATMs a reality, wherein people will be able to access their ATMs right through their mobile phones.

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