Trust tech giant Apple to push the envelope each time. Just when you thought that this was it, Apple comes up with something that leaves us wondering. The latest in the line of Apple's innovation is a paper bag. Yes, you read it absolutely right. A paper bag.

According to a latest patent filed by the Cupertino-based company, it is planning to revolutionise the quite useful day-to-day item, paper bag.

Apple plans on creating a paper bag as environmentally friendly as possible. In order to do so, it is making use of about 60 percent of recycled white paper. The tech giant firmly believes that a paper bag can help reduce any environmental impact from production, usage, and disposal of the bag.


On first read, one might think that recycled paper bags aren't really something new, so what is the fuss that Apple paper bags are creating?

The thing that is going to differentiate Apple's paper bag from a normal paper bag is, that the tech giant is planning to use a high proportion of recycled material to hold its paper bag together. Since normal white paper bags made of recycled material turn out be very thin and light because of the large amount of bleach used during their making, Apple decided to counterattack this problem by doing a set of alterations that will not only help keep its bags pearly white in colour but also let them maintain their environmentally friendly nature.

The altercations made by Apple included a handle made entirely of paper fibre yarn knitted in an 8-stitch circular knit pattern, reinforcements at the gussets and folds of the bag and another one at the bottom that sticks to the sides. Further, in order to keep products safe from damage, Apple has used strategically placed corrugated cardboard.

Here's hoping we get to see the Apple paper bag soon in the market. Kudos to Apple for its environmental efforts. We really do need more companies like these considering the current environment scenario that the Earth is facing.

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