While major telecoms in India are still aggressively fighting it out to determine who can get the major chunk of 4G users, Nokia has done something which could end up changing the game altogether.

Nokia, the brand that manages mobile data networks all around the world, has taken a step forward in 5G mobile networks by giving birth to a new technology that is capable of delivering the users what they have always aspired for- ultra-fast data speeds.

According to an announcement made by the Finnish Company, it is currently working round the clock to give the world the gift of 4.5G Pro by bringing it to mobile operators by the end of 2016. The company claims, that 4.5G Pro will be able deliver ten times the speeds of conventional 4G networks. This would help network operators to offer their users peak speeds of one gigabit (1,000 megabits) per second.

In addition to providing significant capacity and speed enhancements desperately required by the operators as they work towards building next-generation networks, the advanced mobile technology will also help in meeting the demands of ultra-connected mega-cities.

With the work on 4.5G Pro almost in its final stage, the Finnish company has now set it eyes on developing 4.9G. According to a press release by the company, 4.9G will allow its users to maintain a continuous 5G service experience by using an evolved LTE to complement 5G radio coverage.

4.9G will comprise features that will help in further increasing the capacity and speeds to several gigabits per second and also allowing additional numbers of carriers to be aggregated. This would end up opening the gate to additional licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and also majorly advancing the radio systems that would further allow highly directional antennas to be used and also allow signals sent via multiple receive/transmit paths to be clubbed together.

The Future 5G technology would be capable of delivering extreme mobile broadband and large-scale critical communication between machines in order to provide services to a number of enterprises, vertical applications and diverse industries. But, according to telecom experts, the global roll-out of 5G wouldn't start until the year 2020. In order to help the operators get there a little faster, Nokia has defined 4.5G Pro as the next step in a technology path that can optimize the journey to 5G mobile technology. 4.5G Pro will be able to enable significant increases in LTE capacity, coverage and speed where and when it will be needed.

With the urban populations multiplying at an unprecedented rate, the dream of building ultra-connected mega-cities is becoming more distant day by day for operators of mobile and fixed broadband networks. 4.5G Pro mobile technology has been built upon Nokia's already in use 4.5G technology. Used by about more than 90 mobile networks all around the world, the 4.5 technology leverages techniques such as aggregation of up to four carriers, advanced radio modulations techniques and network based IoT connectivity that boosts LTE capabilities and helps operators overcome these challenges.

Recognized as a leader in LTE mobile network infrastructure market by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for LTE infrastructure report, Nokia with its 4.5G, 4.5G Pro and 4.9G technologies, is working towards providing a smooth evolution path to the mobile operators that will allow them to increase capacity and improve the user experience while also creating new revenue opportunities.

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