CEO and Founders are the pillars of every successful company, be it an MNC or a Start-up. But in the quest of attaining new heights, Founders mistakenly let go off minor burnout symptoms, which in the case must be considered critical as they lead progress down in the maximum range,expected otherwise.

Here the idea is to look for the flags and see that the mind does not fail to perform in the maximum range at any time. The flag which stirs the vision based decision making. The message is especially for the CEO & all Founders involved in vision based decision making.

  1. A CEO must devote half to one hour giving rational thoughts about his company’s future,creative ideas to enhance company’s productivity to mark a milestone, backups in case of failures; as a whole, a CEO should be able to visualise a scenario where he can predict whether the reforms and backups he prosecuted are leading to company’s productivity or not!

  2. A CEO must be able to keep the same degree of creativity intact within which led him to the platform he stands. What important thing here is to ponder; whether he could trace himself back to the mark of contentment he attained when he used to write a poem or a story which attested his creativity or a financial article that he expertise or that piece of code which he prowess?

  3. A CEO should be able to conclude his day with a calm sleep, without being bogged down by thoughts of the daily chorus, but with a placid contemplation of the future. Those thoughts instead of ruffling him should give him a tranquil image of company's future.

  4. A CEO should able to inspire confidence by his vision alone. Confidence should be positioned in his every word. A CEO should be able to stir anyone he comes across be it an Uber driver or a watchman. The excitement about the future he bears within him should be able to direct him to the envisioned future in the most natural and organic way.

Success is no time lagging around if you are a CEO who staunchly follows these leading traits. It is bound to happen in near future if you put out your best with transparency and sole neutrality in your ideas. Success is not meant to be awaited, it’s meant to be perceived in little footsteps, the ones which walk themselves to destiny. Dreaming comes first, doing later! It's important to feel relaxed, and it's important to be a dreamer for you to be a much better doer. The person who always runs and never gets time to sit and relax and to strategize is the person who will soon get tired in this marathon called life, but true visionaries know the best way to pace themselves.

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