nhance, a personalized mobile learning platform for professionals in emerging markets, has raised seed funding of $300k earlier this year from education entrepreneur and investor, Mohan Lakhamraju.

Launched in 2015 and led by graduates from Wharton and INSEAD, nhance’s mission is to bridge the delivery gap between content platforms and learners by making learning easy, engaging and effective through its proprietary mobile learning platform. The platform transforms learning content into games and delivers interactive, bite-­‐sized experiences to users’ on their smartphones. This enables professionals to learn a little every day and make learning a continuous daily habit. nhance currently focuses on business skills which are essential to all early career professionals working in or looking to work in business roles.

Indranil Sarkar, CEO and co-­‐founder of nhance said, “This funding will allow us to continue to invest in building our game-­‐based learning platform in collaboration with global business experts.”

nhance was founded in 2015 by Indranil Sarkar and Anant Gupta, the startup leverages research-­‐backed retrieval-­‐based learning methods to help users learn through application. nhance's learning loops are short but comprehensive, delivered through a three-­‐step process:

1. Learn: The learner is introduced to a specific concept through a visual, bite-­‐ sized and interactive lesson.
2. Practice: nhance facilitates a mindset of active problem-­‐solving through a series of training games that apply the concept learned in a variety of contexts.
3. Reflect: The user receives immediate feedback on how they did, completing the learning loop in minutes.

nhance aims to collaborate with content owners and industry experts to transform business content into an interactive learning experience, integrating real life applications and recent business events to help learners understand these ideas in a practical context. The platform curates and bundles this content into an adaptive learning journey, personalized to a learner’s objectives and skill levels.

Currently available for Android devices, nhance’s user base is largely comprised of early career professionals in India and other emerging markets. They are also one of 12 startups accepted to the India Education 2016 program developed by Village Capital, a global venture development organization.

“Accordingly to a large LinkedIn survey, more than 85% of working professionals wish to learn. However, today’s learning mechanisms are hard, time-­‐consuming and relatively boring. That’s where nhance comes in – it makes learning easy, fun and effective,” said Mohan Lakhamraju. “In today’s fast-­‐moving global business landscape where learning is a must to keep up, interactive, bite-­‐sized learning platforms like nhance can help professionals learn the skills they need to advance in their career.”

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