A Mumbai based startup named Tentacle is helping Indian SMEs cut their spendings on solutions across, Field-Force Management, Analytics, Call recording, tracking, Dashboard management, Workflow Management etc. by a drastic margin of 70 percent.

Nowadays, on an average, an SME or MSME ends up shelling close to INR 5 lakhs for these multiple aforementioned solutions. Unfortunately, even after spending such a bomb, these solutions fail to deliver good quality and efficiency. Tentacle is an effort by Sumontro Roy and Rahul Arora, to solve this very problem enveloping the Indian SMEs through their unique offering of a cloud based solution through a mobile application. This means, the SME/MSME will easily be able to manage their operations from anywhere and everywhere just through their mobile phones and making use of Tentacle's ‘pay-as-you-use’ model. In addition to this, this unique solution by Tentacle is available to its customers at just 30 percent of their current Rs. 5 lakh spendings for the same solutions.

Tentacle's end-to-end cloud based SaaS and mobile productivity app solution provides SMBs and MSMEs the luxury of implementing and managing these solutions in real time and absolutely without any fear of a downtime whatsoever. Further, being completely secure and scalable, it gives the users an opportunity to create customised workflows and update, monitor and measure information, all in real time.

Offering a hassle free and seamless experience to its every user, the solution is being increasingly adopted by individuals/companies going for the "work-from-home” model.

Till date, around 55 million Indian SMEs have suffered almost a huge 50 percent loss in their revenues and productivity, all because they haven't been able to operate on one single platform. Many of these SMEs end up running their operations on ad-hoc basis due to the cost angle, and thus often fail in delivering work as per the demand. Further, aggregating expertise and software takes away a major chunk of their money. Tentacle was born in the year 2014 with an aim of tackling all these issues.

While Tentacle is the only player on its home turf India providing such end-to-end offering in this space, it does have a few international competitors in companies like Talkdesk etc. But, Tentacle with its unique features is even capable of outshining its international counterparts.

Some of the unique features that Tentacle has on offer are as follows:

  • No maintenance cost and works on a pay-as-you-go model.

  • Offers instant activation so that the users can start taking advantage of its offerings right away without wasting anytime.

  • Zero capex, no hardware or software or local IT support needed at all.

  • Only mobile-phones are needed and all calling is done through its SIM. So, no need to waste money on buying Land phones / PRI box based systems.

  • Real-time call reports and recordings are provided.

Owing to all these unique features, Tentacle has been able to rope in more than 150 paying customers in India. Its Pay per use model of Rs. 1000/- per user, per month, is currently being used in IT, Telecom, Healthcare, NGO, Auto, Hospitality, Real estate, BFSI, Education, Wellness and Retail sector.

The currently bootstrapped Tentacle was brought to life in the year 2014 by two inquisitive geniuses Sumontro Roy and Rahul Arora.


Here's a brief background of both the co-founders.

Sumontro Roy - Currently holding the COO profile at Tentacle, Sumontro is an MBA from The College of William and Mary, VA. Before making a base in India in the year 2011, this Mumbai native had studied and worked in the United States for several years, both in a Fortune 50 company as well as in a start-up. Since returning to India, Sumontro has been active in the Indian startup scene.

Rahul Arora - An MS in Computer Science from Boston University, and Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication), Rahul currently holds the CEO profile at Tentacle. He has been in the startup space for quite sometime now and has had quite a few ventures to his name.

Having started his career with Nexion, a telecom start-up in the US, he then went to work for US based Sycamore Networks, Inc., as a founding team member where he was credited for setting up the company's Software and Drivers team. Prior to Tentacle, Rahul has also founded Gnet, a premier BI solutions company and Sunoray in the year 2011.

In the near future, Tentacle envisions to become the defining Everything-Cloud brand for the massive Indian SME segment and help the SMEs substantially increase their productivity.

Website - http://www.tentaclecloud.com/

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