"Keep Calm and live on" is a saying that can't be applied to Facebook's founder genius Mark Zuckerberg. While he surely does live on and bright and how, the keep calm part is something which cannot be associated with him ever. Proving the saying wrong once again, Zuckerberg is currently in the midst of perfecting an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to help him at home and work.

Zuckerberg first discussed the AI in the beginning of the year in January as part of his annual personal challenge. He once again discussed the idea yesterday at Facebook's town hall Q&A from Rome, Italy. Zuckerberg hopes that the AI will be somewhat similar to Tony Stark's much loved Jarvis.

The world could expect to see a preview of the AI somewhere in September. "It's starting to be able to do some pretty fun things, and I'm looking forward to being able to show it to the world," said Zuckerberg in the Rome town hall Q&A.

The Facebook founder also revealed that the AI assistant is already able to do simple tasks like adjusting the thermostat and controlling the lights and house gates. In addition to this, the AI is also able to make Zuckerberg toast.

There hasn't been much clarity on what Zuckerberg intends to do with the AI once it's completed. Whether he will use it for commercial purposes or keep it for himself, is something which we will have to wait to find out.

In addition to the town hall, Zuckerberg and his philanthropist wife Priscilla Chan, who is also a paediatrician, met Pope Francis and presented the pontiff with a model of the solar-powered, self-flying aircraft Aquila, which has been especially designed to give the gift of Wi-Fi to parts of the world currently without internet.

If you want to listen to Zuckerberg talk about the AI, you can jump to the 52-minute mark of his Rome town hall Q&A video.

Live from our Townhall Q&A in Rome. Comment to ask a question!

Live from our Townhall Q&A in Rome. Comment to ask a question!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, 29 August 2016

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