EngineerBabu, an Indore based IT Services and Products Company has recently raised a seed amount of funding from Scale Ventures. From Facebook page to company generating millions of revenue EngineerBabu is all set to turn its bootstrapped venture into an International Organization.

Co-founded by two best friends Mayank Pratap and Aditi Chaurasia and later on joined by Avdhesh Solanki, EngineerBabu is a service provider company which is filling the gaps of demand and supply in IT industry. “The flashback of how I managed to fetch an investment for my company, still gives me goose bumps. This was bit of a journey, I would say. But after all, it’s the journey that matters. Destination achievement is the final fruit.” Says Mayank Pratap, Co-founder of EngineerBabu.

Mayank was the only engineer from his village when he used to go back, people called him EngineerBabu. Inspired from movie 3 idiots, he created a Facebook page, added Amir Khan’s photo on that and named it as Engineerbabu. He wanted to do something like Amir khan. He then started helping engineers and consulting students without charging them through his Facebook page. Soon things went viral, he got 2.5 lakh users in just two months. When he came to Bangalore, his friend told him that if he needed any help he could ask EngineerBabu and the EngineerBabu would definitely help him. That’s how it started. Half the day, he was teaching to fund his product, and the other half day he was working on his product. Mayank laid the foundation of EngineerBabu. After a month that company escaped leaving students in bizarre.

EngineerBabu started as a product-oriented company and soon turned into service provider due to lack of funds. The company was bootstrapped entirely from the personal savings of Co-founders. As Avdhesh Solanki, Co-founder, and CTO of EngineerBabu joined the two, they shifted their focus more on developing products for start-up. “As Avdhesh is one of the best developers in India, who built excellent products for start-ups, AI Based, Robotics and Automobile Domain. Our dream seems to become a reality” shares Mayank.

EngineerBabu helped many start-ups like thrillophilia, Justride, Maalgaadi, hoppingo and worked with many big brands such as Yourstory, Wittyfeed, Samsung.

Initiated with belief, Clueless about the path to progress, it was only the co-founders perseverance that led them kept going. Gradually, the family tree of EngineerBabu had started growing and expanding simultaneously. “We were not a new outsource company to the startups we were startup that was dying to get ideas to next level. We built many ideas for our product that would help us in getting a funding. But turning 3 of us into 60 employee company was a real struggle” said Adit, Co-founder and CEO of EngineerBabu.

Initially Working on 20:80 Ratio fashion. 20% Regular clients handled by themselves and 80% outsourcing, the ratio has declined gradually and it is most reciprocal of it.

EngineerBabu created a subscription based platform where they connect filtered client to expert companies. The select best companies from India named “Spartans” who are excellent in delivering work. They are also into creating AI Based requirement gathering platform to collect project information from a client. Right now, they have 250+ Paid subscribers, and 240+ are in the waiting list.

They also help their vendors by providing various training to improve email writing, business communication, tech enhancement etc.

EngineerBabu is now planning to open international sales offices in USA, UK, Singapore and Saudi with Investment money. With the trust of Scale ventures, EngineerBabu is ready to acquire more customers, compete with big brands of IT and give services alike.


Sufiyan Rao said…
Your story of success is very inspiring , Through your story we understand that If we wanted to achieve something by our whole heart , we will definitely get it .
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