Twitter, the much famous 140 characters social networking site seems to have its eye set on one mission for now, and that is directing it services towards businesses and influencers. The company seems to have realized the great potential their platform holds for businesses and influencers and is now offering them various apps and special services so as to provide a helping hand to them.

It was only recently that the company introduced a new application, Twitter Engage, so as to provide help to celebrities and semi-popular users on Twitter handle their own analytics without much trials and troubles. And, now Twitter has launched another app, Twitter Dashboard, with an aim of providing companies with the ability of keeping a tab on all aspects of their respective businesses on Twitter.

For starters, the Dashboard looks a pretty helpful tool for businesses. The app has several different aspects to it, but the one that really catches the eye is the personalized feed option it offers. The feature allows businesses to keep a close watch over who all are mentioning their business on the social networking site. Not only will the feature incorporate all the @mentions tweets, but also the ones with just general mentions about the business and its services through the keywords and hashtags used in the tweets. This is very helpful for businesses as they get to know about customer feedback and take appropriate action, even if the customer isn't personally contacting them.

What may come as a major real relief and time saving feature for the companies, the Dashboard website will allow the businesses to schedule their queued posts. Further, businesses using the iOS app will also be edit the posts round the clock if something needs to be edited. The app and the website connects the users in different ways, which means people who are comfortable with phone can use the product on phone easily, and those who prefer the computer, can use the product on their computers.

In addition to all these features, the Dashboard will also help the businesses in arranging their posts and suggesting the various types of things that they can tweet which would help them in bettering their engagement with their followers/customers. It may suggest them to re-tweet something important that a big brand might have posted or mention a noble thing that one of their staff members did for a human being. The Dashboard even provides the users to see their account's Twitter analytics right within the app.

The app works almost similar to a Twitter client, so in the future, we might see businesses focusing their Twitter activity through the Dashboard app rather than the main Twitter app. The Dashboard alp has been currently unveiled in beta in the United States and is available on iOS or here ( online.

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