The earlier notion that electronics should not be bought online because more often than not they turn out to faulty and defective. But that was in the past, people have now started trusting these e-commerce websites and have little to no scruple in buying electronics online. It is not just the trust that these platforms have built in their customers over the years but also the lucrative offers and the easy return policies that they give that one can't help but shop online. One very popular electronic item that people have started buying online is mobile phones. Since phones have become an integral part of our lives, people want their phones to work in perfect condition. So even if there is a very small issue that they find, they immediately put in a request for exchange or return. This has become somewhat of an issue with our online shopping websites.

Flipkart seems to think that more often than not it is not the product that is defective but the way it is being used that causes these trivial problems like overheating or battery draining out fast. Also, the customer care or technical support is not able to figure out the problem in the phones sitting at their desk. So Flipkart has decided to go above and beyond for its customers by providing them with excellent after sales service. They will send a technician at your doorstep to fix your problem.

They have now come up with a solution to this problem so that neither the customer or they themselves have to incur any losses. From now onwards, any customer who reports a technical issue with their recently purchased phones will be attended to by an engineer from Flipkart's end. The engineer will visit their homes and try to fix the problem and at the same time educate the customer how to optimize the usage of their phone. And if the product seems to be defective indeed, a return will be initiated by the technician itself.

This policy was launched in March this year and will hopefully lead to a decline in the number of return and exchange requests from the customer's end. This service is currently available in only select cities in the country as of now. The cities are Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Chennai. They have partnered with service centers like Jeeves and Iqor for providing this service to its customers. This service has been limited to phones as of now, but if everything works out they might even consider scaling it up for more of their products.

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