Nowadays we have a lot of on-demand services, from food to health services and now you can get a lawyer as well. HiGrit is a startup that aims to tap into this area and bring the legal servies to an online platform and make the entire process much easier for all of us.


Based out of Delhi, is a one-stop solution for all your legal needs. It is a platform  to organize and simplify legal search service. It was created with the intention of improving and modernizing an average consumer's access to legal assistance. Another aspect of services they offer is related to startups, where they help entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing them with whatever legal aid they might require. Moreover, they have also covered the other front here, by ensuring that the registered lawyers get a wider audience as their prospective clients. They aim to help people from both ends by connecting lawyers to clients.

HiGrit believes in becoming an efficient tool, understanding users’ needs and connecting them with a lawyer who can provide them with the right legal advice. With HiGrit, businesses and individuals can efficiently access and manage quality and licensed lawyer/CA/CS service, round the clock.



Manish Singh: He is an alumnus of IIT – Kharagpur 2010 batch and HEC Paris as well. He has worked at Amazon Europe Headquarters, Luxembourg, and Ashish Bais as well.

Ashish Bais: He did his Masters in IS from Illinois State University with 5-year work experience in Business Intelligence from California.


The following firms are the ones that provide competition to HitGrit

  • Indiafilings

  • Cleartax

  • VakilSearch

  • Lawrato

HiGrit mainly offer the following 4 services which set it apart from its competition.

  1. Take an appointment with a Lawyer/CA/CS to discuss your case in specific- Customers can browse, sort and filter on these professionals and book a phone or in-person appointment by paying fees on their platform. There would be a fixed 20% commission which would be held from this fees and the rest would be passed on to the legal professional. Currently, the fees range is from 1000-8000 INR on their platform as quoted by lawyers themselves.

  2.  Call an expert now- There is a flat rate of 500 INR for a 10-15 minutes call session with an expert legal professional. Their cut is 100 INR and rest would be transferred to Legal professional you would be speaking to.

  3.  Start/Manage a business- These are their in-house services where they plan to help businesses with all their legal problems from incorporation to compliances. They have a flat & customized fees for the same. They will be able to retain higher commission in such services. Customers for these services would form a long-term alliance and would result in repeated revenues.

  4.  Free Q&A- This service is intended to populate knowledge base on their platform and also customers benefit from free advice. In return for giving free answers, legal professionals are able to win initial confidence from customers and get reviews and ratings and also chances to acquire a prospective customer.


HiGrit has received initial seed fund from seasoned entrepreneurs from Chandigarh, who have partnered with HiGrit to disrupt the traditional, tedious & confusing compliance processes.


HiGrit is a fast growing legal platform, with an Alexa ranking of under 11K in just 4 weeks of service. It has resolved 170 inquiries and severed 22 customers. The average ticket size is INR4500, with a margin of 25%. Total revenue has been around INR99,000/-


HiGrit is soon going to launch a service for startup advice where a budding startup could make an instant phone call to get all the advice they need to make sure their startup is compliant with the law and also they reap all the benefits of government schemes. Also, they are planning to launch an android app by the end of July.


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