One of founding member of Cvent India and former Vice President of Sales at Oyo & Housing, Saurabh Singh, joins ExtraCarbon as Chief Business Officer. As Country Manager of Cvent and part of a core 4 member team, Saurabh was involved in scaling operations from incubation to key life cycle events leading to an IPO.

Saurabh will lead the demand generation in B2B & C2B with evangelising the web and mobile strategy. In this role, Saurabh will be driving corporate sales, product strategy and product marketing functions to build world class user interface and product solutions.

“I have been seriously looking at this unorganized sector for the last few years and believes that the country is poised to take action on waste, recycling and end of the life cycle products and the only way to do that is by building a world class tech enabled platform to bridge the gaps in this space, and ExtraCarbon is the company that is poised to do it right.”

ExtraCarbon was launched on 26th June, 2013 by Gaurav and Anant when they saw the need for a place where the local community within a city could come together and take everyday actions to choose a right kind of future for them.  They realised India cannot achieve Swach Bharat goals without empowering ragpickers & kabadiwala’s. By working with their Green Super Heroes, they’ve already inspired their members to choose the right kind of waste disposable methods. Hence, their strength is their people.

To make it easier for the GSH they have also introduced an alternative to cash for paying their customers. They provide reward points which customers can use to top-up their mobile phones or DTH, pay electricity bills, buy products and groceries, or even transfer to PayTM credits. As a customer you can choose to be paid in cash or points for your scrap materials. If you choose “Jhoomley Points” you are rewarded with even more value for your used and scrap goods, and GSH need not carry large amounts of hard cash, which is often borrowed from loan sharks. Green Super Heroes can also choose to be paid in Jhoomley points to increase their earnings on each kg of recycling. Hence, GSHs are not on their roles, but are on an inclusive model where both of them can co-exist. JC can be redeemed on or it can be transferred to PayTM.

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