France's Societe Generale Global Solution Centre (SG GSC) has joined hands with India's Nasscom to launch a startup accelerator program focused towards Indian startups. Called the Catalyst, the program aims to promote innovation and collaborations among entrepreneurs.

The SG GSC has selected a total of eight Indian startups for its ten weeks long accelerator program. Out of these eight selected startups, the ones that have caught our attention are Gavs Technologies, FixNix and Uniphore Software Systems. Quite surprisingly, all of them are based out of Chennai. Currently, the three are meticulously labouring on various risk and analytics tools that SG GSC might use in the near future.

GAVS Technologies is a IT services and solutions provider having presence all around the globe. One of the most famous products of the company is its IT operations analytics platform based on big data called GAVel. The platform provides insightful data aggregation so as to provide service intelligence through predictive and proactive risk management.

Currently, the startup has a 3-4 members team in the accelerator program, which is working on making use of sentiment analytics as an HR tool for the SG GSC. The tool will help companies in making intelligent and better decisions.

Shanmugavel Sankaran founded FixNix is working on something that can prove to be very useful in today's times when people are constantly unhappy with their jobs and making a switch within the drop of a hat. The startup is currently in the midst of developing an early prediction warning system for companies, which will help them in retention of their hard working employees and proactive management of the expectations of their employees. Having received funding from Jay Vijayan, the ex-CIO of Tesla, this SaaS based governance, risk and compliance (GRC) startup has become a known name in the industry in no time. Having a 3 members team in the SG GSC program, the startup is investing its time on risk analytics.

According to FixNix's top officials, the startup's current plan is to capture the security and risk analytics market for Indian and international banks with all that it has got. The company feels that the Catalyst accelerator program provides them easy access to leadership teams and senior management, which has motivated them to give birth to a product capable of bringing a wave of innovation in the HR function.

The SG GSC wishes to explore more exciting opportunities to associate with fintech focused startups. The Catalyst accelerator program, working in tandem with Societe Generale's digital transformation strategy, is looking to create innovative solutions by collaborating with these amazing, aww-inspiring disruptive technology startups.

A speech recognition solutions company, Uniphore Software Systems is currently developing a voice to text solution for the SG GSC. In its effort to remove all language related obstacles for business as usual (BAU) activities across nations, the startup is working on developing a virtual assistant and artificial intelligence enabled speech recognition solution that will automate various bank processes and also help in exploring speech analytics with translation and transcription functionalities.

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