While biking might not be that famous a sport among the current generation right now, a California-based startup Alta Motors is working towards bringing the trend back.

It has been nine years since the year 2007 that the company has been meticulously working towards introducing the ultimate enthusiast bike to the American market, and the product is, at last, is now almost ready to be unveiled.
Named Redshift, the company's first electric motorcycle, is all set to roll out deliveries in Fall this year. Apparently, it has already back-ordered 13 weeks.

According to a statement given by Mark Fenigstein, Alta Motors co-founder and CEO, to a tech magazine, the consumer demand for electric motorcycles really escalated when Tesla became hip and popular. This is when Fenigstein decided to follow the road taken by Tesla, and try becoming an Industry leader in the electric motorcycle market.

Fenigstein believes that it was Tesla that become a trendsetter in the electric transport market and broke the ice with the public regarding the technology, and inspired other players in the market to also take the plunge.

Unfortunately, the scene wasn't the same always. A few years ago, consumers had almost shut themselves away from the idea of ever warming up to the idea of electric bikes. But over the years, the pollution crisis, major advancements in battery technology and consumers growing liking for electric vehicles, have helped these e-motorbikes become an attractive option for personal transport.



If for once you're thinking, being an electric one, these bikes won't able to deliver you an experience that you want on the road, you're mistaken. According to Fenigstein, Alta's Redshift bikes have been designed so as to provide the riders with as much control as they would need over their bikes. With Redshift bikes, Alta aims to help riders progress as a more confident and faster motorist.

The Redshift bikes are strong enough to handle both motocross jumps and potholes. Similar to Tesla's first car, the Roadster, Alta's Redshift has the potential to become the first of a wider range of electric motorcycles. But, for now, the startup is only focused on making Redshift reach to the customers. Currently, the RedShift SM sells for $15,495 and RedShift MX for $15,000.

Manufactured in California


Quite similar to Tesla, Alta also has its own factory based in California. According to Fenigstein, having its base in Northern California is a strategic business decision at the company's end.

Fenigstein further divulged that the close proximity of Alta's San Francisco headquarters to the factory is crucial for company's R&D department and the fast development and manufacturing speed that the company aims to maintain. In addition to this, it also allows the company's engineering team to be in contact with the manufacturing team in real-time, which results in better construction of bikes.

Powerful Battery


According to the company, their bike's battery is about 80 percent or five years ahead of the time in terms of range per pound. This means, the company is successfully able to fit more battery capacity into a lighter and smaller unit.

Apparently, the company's motor is much powerful when compared to others. It is about half the size of any state of the art 40 horsepower electric motor.

Tesla co-founders as investors

In addition to all the operational and technological similarities that we have already explained in the article between Tesla and Alta Motors, there's another similarity that one cannot ignore.

The company has found strong backing in two Tesla co-founders, Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarppening in terms of investment. Both Eberhard and Tarppening had a significant role to play in Tesla's finance and craft during its early days.

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