In the last 2 decades India Inc marched ahead to work with the world’s best, however, the education system in India did not keep pace to produce top quality manpower resources in large numbers. Millions of students joined the workforce but are hitting the glass ceiling for want of apt knowledge and competence. In the developed world working professionals take an academic sabbatical a few years into their working life, however in India because of various reasons at their personal front this is not an option. Distance education was also not an option because of both distance and poor quality.

With millions of working professionals aspiring to compete with their global counterparts, Avagmah was started to meet this opportunity by helping good universities in reaching quality contemporary


Based out of Bangalore, this startup seems to have all the trademarks of success. Avagmah provides state-of-the-art intuitive Avagmah Technology Platform (ATP) to universities, which is an amalgamation of cloud-based SaaS technology. Avagmah’s technology platform is available on a managed services model, assisting universities with application-based and web technology solutions for delivery of courses. Avagmah offers end-to-end app and mobile app platforms, helping universities manage marketing, student counselling, virtual classroom, student engagement and retention.

They also have the Avagmah app. The app helps a student find his desired course from the desired university amongst the partnered universities, enroll themselves with the universities, get access to the course materials, lectures, recommended books and suggestions, everything on a single device. The application is made keeping the working professionals and their hectic work schedule in mind. Thus it is enabled with features like automated weekly study planner based on the time that the user can devote. The app keeps a track of the portions and assignments completed, and also sends alerts or reminders when a bulk is incomplete or the exams are approaching. The app helps create short notes for the ease of the working professionals as their last minute exam preparation guide. Study groups and discussion forums along with advanced case studies from reputed institutions like MIT facilitate the studies further are other key enablers in reaching quality contemporary education.


karthik_avagmahKarthik is an NIT Kurukshetra alumnus and a serial entrepreneur (edupreneur) too. Karthik is the founder & CEO of Avagmah. Prior to founding Avagmah, he co-founded 24×7 Learning, India’s largest eLearning consulting, technology and implementation company. He also runs an NGO that helps educate and enroll underprivileged children into formal education. Karthik has over 23 years of industry experience and is deeply passionate about the education space.


Difference With The Competitors

Avagmah emulates a successful model in the US, leading amongst them being The only difference is they are operating in a much larger market with costs being dismally low.

In India there are many companies offering short courses catering to immediate enhancement in skills. Avagmah helps the pent up demand of quality education amongst working professionals by helping existing universities use technology to reach out to them. The pent-up hunger to complete a graduation or post graduation is what Avagmah meets.


Avagmah has a two-way benefiting approach. while on one hand, Avagmah helps the universities with an end-to-end solutions with their online education programs, including enrollment, digital marketing, web delivery support through Avagmah Technology Platform (ATP), dissemination of course material, connecting students, etc. On the other hand, Avagmah helps thousands of students access to quality education and earn their graduate or post graduate degrees remotely.


Avagmah recently (March, 2016) received funding from Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder and former CEO & MD of Infosys and Atul Nishar, founder of Hexaware and Aptech Computer Education for an undisclosed amount. In the last 18months, Avagmah has raised $5million dollars in investment. Our existing investors also participated in the current round of funding. They include Singapore-based Lionrock Capital, serial entrepreneur and investor K Ganesh, founder and former CEO of TutorVista and Neeraj Bhargava, founder and CEO of Mumbai-based investment firm Zodius Capital.


In the last 18 months, they have enrolled 3,651 students. Through our platform, Avagmah offers MBA, BBA courses and other post-graduate degrees like those in finance and human resources. About 52% of those enrolled on the Avagmah platform are from tier 2 & 3 cities.

They have also launched the Avagmah app for the ease of the working professionals to take their courses on the go, keeping the mobility factor in mind. They have around 3000 users of the app, given that it is paid for app, i.e. only students enrolled under Avagmah programs are the end users. They have received great responses from the users.
Avagmah plans to go pan India partnering with the top notch universities in the next 5 years. New courses are in the radar to be introduced in the app.

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